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    Jonathan and Renee

    Dear Gillian, We would like to thank you for your wonderful show. We dvr all the episodes and watch them all at one time. You have so encouraged us to ear for our bodies, not for our minds. What I mean is that by incorporating your eating healthy plan, our lives have changed. My husband

    Jonathan and Renee Marion, Iowa, USA

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    Gillian McKeith Tips on MENTAL WELLBEING!

    Work on your positive emotions – hope, love, curiosity, joy, and gratitude are feelings we are all capable of that can be nurtured.
    Don’t sweat the small stuff – worrying and fretting about the little things in life will get us nowhere. To help, keep things in perspective, consider whether the things you are worrying about today will still be a problem in a year’s time. If the answer is no, then they may not be worth dwelling on.
    Choose how you react to what happens to you – you can’t change what comes at you in life but you can choose how you deal with it. See problems as opportunities to think creatively, problem solve, learn and evolve as a human being.
    Focus on the present moment – mindfulness has been shown to improve many aspects of physical and psychological health. It is the practice of focussing on the present moment. It helps to engage all your senses – think about what you can smell, taste, see, hear and feel against your skin. Ultimately this takes your mind away from its usual preoccupations towards an appreciation of the present moment. Mindfulness can improve both physical and psychological symptoms and create positive changes in health attitudes and behaviours.
    When you join the Gillian McKeith club online, you get an opportunity to learn how to engage in a positive lifestyle, in the Gillian McKeith style.

    Gillian Mckeith