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    Jonathan and Renee

    Dear Gillian, We would like to thank you for your wonderful show. We dvr all the episodes and watch them all at one time. You have so encouraged us to ear for our bodies, not for our minds. What I mean is that by incorporating your eating healthy plan, our lives have changed. My husband

    Jonathan and Renee Marion, Iowa, USA March 24, 2014

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    Gillian McKeith Tips Feeding Your Brain

    Feed Your Brain, Gillian Mckeith style

    If you can’t think clearly, have difficulty concentrating, don’t remember where you left the keys, mixed up your kids names, and your partner just called you a blockhead, it could be a sign that you are low in what’s called ‘essential fats.’ You might not be thick, dumb or stupid after all; it might just be that your brain is starved of the good, healthy fats. Try eating a mashed avocado for starters. Avocados are a source of good, easy to digest, healthy fats. Mix in some raw shelled hemp seeds too, another fabulous source of these essentials, must haves for the body.
    I have found that more than half of the clients I see for the first time test deficient in good fats when they arrive at my office. Essential fats or Omegas are good fats. They will not make us fat. On the contrary, you can eat yourself thin with good fats because they help to burn fat in your body.
    But you can also make yourself smarter as these good fats actually nourish the brain. So there’s no point on avoiding them.
    And you can only get good healthy fats from food.
    Therefore, to feed your brain, you must eat foods that are high in these essential fats:
    oily fish, avocadoes, nuts and seeds are a good place to start. When you join the Gillian McKeith club online, there are plenty of Gillian McKeith recipes to feed your brain.

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    Gillian Mckeith