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    Gillian McKeith hosts  many TV shows and this is where you can find out more…

    Everything from the International Best Selling TV show “You Are What You Eat” to “Gillian Moves In” and more..

    Top Videos
    • Gillian Moves In
      Gillian Moves In Channel 4 has great success with the most recent series of Gillian McKeith’s television programme, titled ‘GILLIAN MOVES IN: You Are What You Eat’. This is the most provocative, informative and entertaining series so far as Britain’s bad eaters stay with Gillian at her personal residence in London. The tensions fly; turmoil […]
    • Here Comes The Bride
      Gillian’s Three Fat Brides One Thin Dress Formidable diet dictator Gillian McKeith turns her attention to big girls looking forward to their big day. In each one of the episodes Gillian meets three bulging brides-to-be in desperate need of her help. With a wedding at stake, Gillian’s upped the ante by making the brides compete […]
    • Supersize vs. Superskinny
      ‘Supersize vs Superskinny’ is an eight-part series which explores our increasingly dysfunctional relationship with food: Supersize vs.Superskinny. Each hour long show features the diets of two contributors with contrasting eating habits. The series gets under the skin of their obsessions with the aim of transforming their relationship with food and weight. The series also examines […]
    • You Are What You Eat
      Gillian McKeith is the presenter of You Are What You Eat, the hit Channel 4 primetime television series that took the United Kingdom by storm. Audience ratings are unprecedented. Currently Gillian’s TV show is now broadcasting in more than 34 countries around the World and regularly watched by many millions of viewers internationally including the […]

    1. What should I watch to inspire to lose weight?

    Start watching and doing WELLNESS & WEIGHT LOSS TV  Wellness & Weight Loss TV are videos which I filmed specifically for club members only.    They are similar to the kind of information that I would provide to you if you came to my private practice.   View one episode each week in chronological order.  Feel free to watch the same video as many times as you want or need during that week.  Once you have viewed and done the download (when applicable), you move on to the next episode in the order provided.  When available, you should receive a notification of a new episode uploaded to Wellness & Weight Loss TV.   But only watch the newest video once you have completed the previous videos, as it is all designed in a special manner for specific purpose.   In Wellness & Weight Loss TV, for club members only, I take you take you through a journey focused on the body, re-conditioning the mind, learning to release old unwanted emotions and the freeing of the spirit.

    2. What part of your body shows weight loss first?

    Each person’s body is different.  But from clinical experience, the initial most notable change takes place in the face.   The second area might be in the abdominal mid-section because of less bloating due to an improved diet and change of lifestyle practice.  Do not fixate on body parts.  Instead, focus on living the new way of life. That is what counts and is what is most important.

    3. How Can I Turn My Life Around?

    The first step to turning your life around is to:

    • Join as an Annual Member and sign up for the PERSONAL HEALTH PROFILE
    • Do the PERSONAL HEALTH PROFILE and receive your own individualized guidance and recommendations for your new life.
    • With your Personal Health Profile Sign up, you also receive a PERSONAL DIETARY ANALYSIS which will explain to you the dietary changes that need to be made now.
    • Tap into the support and motivation of the Gillian McKeith team when you join the online Club as an Annual Member.

    4. What is The Personal Health Profile for Annual Members?

    If you joined as an ANNUAL Member for 12 months to our online Club, then you are now eligible to do the PERSONAL HEALTH PROFILE included in your membership.  You need to complete our Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, the same Questionnaire that Gillian uses with her own clients in private practice.  You must be brutally honest with your answers in completing the Questionnaire.  The more honest, the more helpful the Personal Health Profile is to you.   From your answers on the Questionnaire, our Nutritionist will provide you with a Personal Health Profile.  This is NOT some automated computer program. Instead the assessment for the Personal Health Profile is actually carried out by our Nutritionist. You will get everything you need to know in order to live a healthier life accompanied by ongoing support and guidance.

    The Personal Dietary Analysis For Annual Members

    Included in your Personal Health Profile our Nutritionist will also provide you with a PERSONAL DIETARY ANALYSIS which will assess your intake of everything you eat and drink, if you are an ANNUAL Club Member.  This will be based on you providing us with 7 days detail of everything that you eat and drink.  Therefore, you will also need to complete our 7 Day Dietary Analysis Form which would record in detail everything that goes into your mouth for those 7 days.     Our Nutritionist will then evaluate your intake and advise you accordingly within your Personal Health Profile.  This is a great service, and we trust that you will ensure you actually take us up on it!  It can only help you.  And it is all included the ANNUAL Club Membership for 12 months.

    5. Are There Other Benefits To The Gillian Mckeith Weight Loss Program.

    Yes!  That is the whole point. That is why the Gillian McKeith program is so unique. The weight loss is a side effect to all the wonderful changes that take place in the body. The body biochemistry, the emotions and the mental state all have the potential to come into balance when living the Gillian McKeith program.  For this reason, the Gillian McKeith wellness programme is unique unlike anything else that exists in the world.

    6. Do The Television Participants Experience Other Benefits When They Lose Weight?

    The relationship between food and health is significant. Not only are participants overweight at the beginning of her television series’ but they all have other health complaints, many of which are caused by poor health choices.  Gillian McKeith always analyses the food diaries of the participants of all of her television shows including ‘Gillian McKeith’s You Are What You Eat?’ And ‘Eat Yourself Sexy’ to name a couple of her shows.  And then she physically illustrates all meals eaten and all beverages consumed for one week on a table.  This is the same method that Gillian has used in her clinical practice with her own clients.

    When Gillian prepares a table of the food choices that the participants have eaten in a week and explains how these food choices are affecting the body, the relationship between food and health suddenly becomes shockingly apparent. These foods are often the catalyst for most ailments and complains.

    7. Can I Become a Participant in a Gillian McKeith Television Show?

    Gillian and her production team are always looking for potential participants for new shows in development.