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    Gillian McKeith Television Shows

    Gillian McKeith hosts  many TV shows and this is where you can find out more…

    Everything from the International Best Selling TV show “You Are What You Eat” to “Gillian Moves In” and more..

    Top Videos
    • Gillian Moves In
      Gillian Moves In Channel 4 has great success with the most recent series of Gillian McKeith’s television programme, titled ‘GILLIAN MOVES IN: You Are What You Eat’. This is the most provocative, informative and entertaining series so far as Britain’s bad eaters stay with Gillian at her personal residence in London. The tensions fly; turmoil […]
    • Here Comes The Bride
      Gillian’s Three Fat Brides One Thin Dress Formidable diet dictator Gillian McKeith turns her attention to big girls looking forward to their big day. In each one of the episodes Gillian meets three bulging brides-to-be in desperate need of her help. With a wedding at stake, Gillian’s upped the ante by making the brides compete […]
    • Supersize vs. Superskinny
      ‘Supersize vs Superskinny’ is an eight-part series which explores our increasingly dysfunctional relationship with food: Supersize vs.Superskinny. Each hour long show features the diets of two contributors with contrasting eating habits. The series gets under the skin of their obsessions with the aim of transforming their relationship with food and weight. The series also examines […]
    • You Are What You Eat
      Gillian McKeith is the presenter of You Are What You Eat, the hit Channel 4 primetime television series that took the United Kingdom by storm. Audience ratings are unprecedented. Currently Gillian’s TV show is now broadcasting in more than 34 countries around the World and regularly watched by many millions of viewers internationally including the […]