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    The purpose of any good Detox is to feel clear and cleansed. Pollution, both indoor pollutants and outside toxins are shockingly high. It is critical to purify the body. The process of detoxification in the body requires a wide range of nutrients. Juices are one of the best ways of nourishing the body without adding to the toxic load or challenging the body’s resources.

    Many fruit and vegetables have excellent cleansing properties which are enhanced when they are juiced. Green vegetables, in particular, contain chlorophyll which has a cleansing and healing effect on the digestive tract and liver.

    Some people need detoxification more than others and there are a range of symptoms that indicate whether or not this important for you.

    By completing my personal health profile questionnaire you will get a personal detoxification score and I will be able to let you know how important this is for you. It is not a priority for everyone.