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    Benefits of outdoor social sports:

    • FUN!

    Somewhere, someone correctly said, “variety is the spice of life” never a truer word spoken. For I will be the first to admit; sometimes training on your own in a gym listening to the same CD playing over and over again isn’t exactly the jolliest time of my week. Hence why I love social sports.  You will be running up and down the field for hours without realising you have in fact just done the equivalent to a small marathon on the treadmill.

    • SOCIAL!

    There are some things that you just want to always do on your own, like going to the toilet for example. But training isn’t one of them; it can get lonely and no one enjoys being a ‘hermit’ trainer. That’s why  joining a sports team is such a great option as you get to meet new people.


    Everyone has different incentives for training whether its enjoyment or  to socialise. Either way,  the health and fitness benefits are great and by joining a sports club you have the added incentive of ‘team support’ and not wanting to let down your fellow teammates. For some people this is just the encouragement they need to get and stay in shape.

    How to join a team:


    If you are unsure which sports team you want to join visit your local leisure centre reception and they should give you all the information you need on sports teams and events that take place within their facility.


    The majority of sports teams within your area will be listed on the internet somewhere simply perform a local search for ‘sports teams’ within your area.


    The good old Yellow Pages, can’t really go wrong with this little fellow.

    Possible Sports

    Hockey Team, a Badminton ladder at your local leisure centre, a Tennis Club, Football Team, Netball Team, Volleyball Team, Yoga course, Pilates course, Running Club, Salsa classes, Belly dancing … there’s so many!

    Now I come to the end of yet another section, so as always if you’re still reading this then I thank you for sitting through yet more of my ramblings.