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    About McKeith Research Ltd

    McKeith Research Ltd was established in October 1998 as a UK-based company with the primary Mission of Gillian McKeith to “Improve the lives of people everywhere through information, lifestyle and food.”

    Hence the Company has been dedicated to obtaining the most credible research in the field of Nutrition and disseminating that information to the public.

    The Company is also at the forefront in developing the formulations and recipes of Gillian McKeith for availability to ordinary people through the retail marketplace. Most of these products, now available in retail outlets, have their origins in Gillian’s Clinic when she was working in private practice with clients.
    The formulas were thus tried and tested on her own clients and are supported by research.

    The cornerstone of the Gillian McKeith products is in the bioavailability of nutrients. For this reason, the formulas and recipes contain high levels of sprouted seeds, superfoods and / or herbal plants in their original unadulterated food state, the way that Nature intended.

    The Gillian McKeith core values require that our foods are ‘healthier than’ anything else commonly available. For example, you will never find added sugar, white table salt, hydrogenated oils or saturated fats, or any chemical additives of any kind in any Gillian McKeith products.

    All of the products have special uniqueness. For example, Gillian McKeith food bars are packed with raw high enzyme-rich superfoods after the baking process. This means that the raw superfoods are not cooked in order to preserve the enzymes and nutrients.

    The Company is committed to bringing Gillian McKeith ‘healthier than’ foods to people all around the World.