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    1. Do Meal Plans Work for Weight Loss?

    On the Gillian McKeith road-map to weight loss, you will have the tools to discover your own desires, set your goals and achieve them. Gillian is known the world over for her ability to turn around even the worst eaters and set them on a new path for life.  Gillian shows you the way and once you know the route, then the rest is easy. Flick the switch and discover the power to eat well, feel well and look fab.  Gillian McKeith Meal Plans are easy to follow and keep you on track.

    2. What Is the Most Effective Meal Schedule for Weight Loss?

    The Gillian McKeith Method is a tried and tested, proven, successful Plan for achieving optimum wellbeing.  A ‘diet’ is not about starving yourself, but rather a new lifestyle with an abundance of healthy foods.  After more than 20 years in clinical practice with private clients, Gillian hasfine-tuned a Plan and process that works when you follow the Gillian McKeith Plan.Provided that you follow the guidance and the methodical process in the manner that Gillian sets forth, then you have the best chance of success, not just for the short-termbut for the real long-term too.

    3. How Do You Plan a Meal to Lose Weight?

    The online club has a Recipe section and a weekly meal planner to guide you.

    4. Where Can I Ask My Weight Loss Questions?

    You are provided with an email address if you have any personal questions and there is an open forum where you can post general queries.

    5. Why you ought to join the Club?

    The Club is for the purpose of educating, supporting, motivating and inspiring you to lose weight, to stay fit for life, to feel well always, to look good, and most importantly to find and feel and know the REAL YOU at the core soul level;  and to love and to be comfortable with your soulful Self.

    Finally, we want you to know that you are not alone.  We are here for your education, support, motivation and inspiration.  We are not some faceless giant weight loss corporation.  Gillian & Team are literally right here for you.  That is why it’s important that you understand and appreciate the unique nature of our intimate relationship together.

    6. How you can join the Club?

    Sign up for monthly or for the Personal Health Profile?

    What is the Personal Health Profile?
    And why sign up for the Annual membership?

    The Personal Health Profile is an invaluable tool for improving your wellbeing.  The Personal Health Profile is an online consultation with our Nutritional Therapist. You fill in a detailed questionnaire about all aspects of your health. Your answers are then analysed by our Nutritional Therapist who works in tandem with Gillian McKeith. You will receive tailor made recommendations including dietary, lifestyle and supplement suggestions. This is NOT some automated computer program but a personalised, individualised, unique to your assessment carried out by our Nutritionist.

    If you joined as an ANNUAL Member for 12 months to our online Club, then you are now eligible to do the PERSONAL HEALTH PROFILE included in your membership.  You need to complete our Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, the same Questionnaire that Gillian uses with her own clients in private practice.  You must be brutally honest with your answers in completing the Questionnaire.  The more honest, the more helpful the Personal Health Profile is to you.   From your answers on the Questionnaire, our Nutritionist will provide you with your Personal Health Profile.

    7. What Are the Benefits of The Personal Health Profile?

    *It is accessible to anyone anywhere in the world and is unique and personalised to your exact needs. And you have access to a Nutritionist for 12 months.

    *The Personal Health Profile also includes a PERSONAL DIETARY ANALYSIS

    Included in your Personal Health Profile our Nutritionist will also provide you with a PERSONAL DIETARY ANALYSIS which will assess your intake of everything you eat and drink, if you are an ANNUAL Club Member.  This will be based on you providing us with 7 days detail of everything that you eat and drink.  Therefore, you will also need to complete our 7 Day Dietary Analysis Form which would record in detail everything that goes into your mouth for those 7 days.  Our Nutritionist will then evaluate your intake and advise you accordingly within your Personal Health Profile.  This is a great service, and I trust that you will ensure you actually take us up on it!  It can only help you.  The Personal Health ProfileDietary Analysis is included in the ANNUAL Club Membership for 12 months.

    8. What Can I Expect in My First Week of the Club? -

    You will take your first step onto a new path to enrich your life.

    *You will get started tracking your progress

    *If you signed up for the Personal Health Profile, you will begin answering the detailed questionnaire and also keep a food diary tracking for the Dietary Analysis part of the Personal Health Profile.

    *The Nutrition Check-up will need to be completed and you will learn which key health factors to focus on to improve your wellbeing.

    *You can start watching videos which will support your journey.

    *Each week, you will receive TOP TIPS. Some are scientific, research based, nutritional and others may be anecdotal or clinically based.

    *Every day you will receive Daily Inspirations sent to your email inbox.  In order to change habits of a lifetime, it is important that you stay involved, read the Inspirations and take them on board.

    *Meal Plans and shopping lists are provided.

    9. Explain The Bootcamp Course

    * There is a special BOOTCAMP course which cuts to the quick and immediately puts you on the fast track. So, if you are in a hurry for a specific reason, for example, you need to get ready for a wedding in a couple of months or you have a special event  that you want to look great for, then we would suggest that you start BOOTCAMP in advance of that special occasion.

    BOOTCAMP is also designed for times when you feel you might go off track and need to get back on the wagon, or you are concerned that you could go off track. BOOTCAMP can also be beneficial after or during a period of undue stress.  BOOTCAMP in the Club can be particularly helpful after Christmas or New Year too.

    *An array of information sources and features to motivate you. It is not just about the food.

    The Emotion Quotient

    One of the prime unique elements of the Gillian McKeith Plan is that wellness & weight loss are not just about the food.  Of course, good food is an essential element to the whole approach; but it is only one element to the whole.  Gillian’s approach also includes many other elements, including the emotions and freeing up blockages that may have emotional foundation at the core.

    Gillian states: “I believe that emotional and mental energy plays a key role in wellness and weight management.   Many research studies and my own clinical experience support this premise.   For instance, in virtually every obesity case that I have dealt with in my career, there was always a significant emotional element at the core.  The reality is that every person in this world has some level of emotional blockage; it´s called ´living life´.  It is a part of the human experience.   In our online Wellness & Weight Loss Club, you will discover how to tap into your emotions, and unblock emotional baggage that may be holding you back.   We cover these emotional aspects in Wellness Weight Loss TV and also in Boot Camp within the Club.”