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    You should be able to obtain recipes from Gillian McKeith’s bestselling book, You Are What You Eat COOKBOOK (Penguin, £14.99).This cookbook is one of the biggest selling health recipe books of all time.  It was named as ‘The Number 2 Most Borrowed Book in British Libraries’. There are over 200 delicious and healthy recipes in this ground-breaking cookbook. Some of the recipes for the TV Shows may have been slightly modified from this Cookbook. So the recipes in Gillian’s Cookbook are the same, or similar or slightly modified from the Show.

    In addition, Gillian McKeith’s other bestselling books contain recipes as well. Check out the Worldwide Number One Bestseller You Are What You Eat book (Penguin, £12.99) and Living Food For Health (Penguin, £7.99). Gillian’s most recent book, The Ultimate Health Plan (Penguin), contains many new amazing recipes plus 28 days of meal plans.  In the USA, check out Slim for Life by Gillian McKeith.

    Gillian McKeith’s online Wellness & Weight Loss Club has hundreds of recipes for Club members. Join the Club and get access to new updated recipes, online chat, daily inspirations, nutritionists’ forum, daily instructions from Gillian and much more. https://www.gillianmckeith.com/sign-up/


    Either is fine. The Living Food Energy Powder, which Gillian McKeith formulated, can be used as a meal replacement if you are seeking quick weight loss, but Gillian McKeith does not normally recommend it for such purpose. The primary purpose of the Living Food Energy Powder is to use it as an advanced nutritional foundation, similar to the way that you might use a multiple vitamin and mineral complex.  The Living Food Energy Powdercontains virtually all vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, co-factors, herbs, superfoods and sprouted seeds with live active enzymes in an easily digestible form – from food.    When used regularly, the Living Food Energy Powder may be strengthening to the organs and nourishing to the cells.    Thus, it can be taken every day in order to energize the body.

    You must always consult with your medical doctor or GP first before embarking upon any nutritional programme.  Bring the bottle and the ingredients listing to your doctor for approval.

    For her own private clients, normally Gillian McKeith recommends the Living Food Energy Powder before pregnancy. Some clients may wish to stop the Living Food Energy Powder during pregnancy. And then start taking the Living Food Energy Powder again in the 8th or 9th month and certainly continue for at least one year after giving birth to strengthen the body and organs.

    Living Food Energy Powder is safe because it is a combination of sprouted seeds and natural superfoods to strengthen the organs and feed the cells.  Consult with your medical doctor first before taking any supplements.

    Yes, it is possible to schedule private consultations with Gillian McKeith in-person in London, UK, or via Skype from anywhere in the world.   However, due to the volume of clients interested in private consultations, there are only a few availabilities for new clients often with a long waiting list.  For private consultations on weight loss, weight management, wellness, fertility, women’s matters and eating disorders, please feel free to email:  Nutrition@McKeithResearch.com

    irst, Join our online Wellness & Weight Loss Club (UK £9.95 per month or approximately USA $15.95)


    Second, Do the Personal Dietary Analysis. Gillian McKeith will provide you with a personalized Dietary Analysis Report on your food intake with a full set of individualized recommendations and lifestyle guidelines. This is an invaluable personalized report. You complete your intake of everything that you eat and drink for 7 days. Gillian McKeith and Team will then provide you with a full Analysis Report based on your personal diet with individualized lifestyle guidelines and recommendations (UK £125 or approximately USA $200).


    Third, be sure to read all of Gillian McKeith’s internationally renowned books.  https://www.gillianmckeith.com/books/

    Yes, you can access Gillian McKeith’s 7-Day Meal Planner for weight loss when you join the online Wellness & Weight Loss Club.


    Gillian McKeith does not advocate diets.  Gillian proposes a healthy lifestyle for life.  The only side effect might be a feeling of ‘enhanced wellness’.  Sometimes in the short-term, it is possible to experience a ‘healing crisis’ whereby you could feel a bit ‘under the weather’ when first starting on a new lifestyle programme as the body seeks to adapt.   Gillian McKeith has been working in the field of food and nutrition for almost 30 years, and thus has been able to use tried-and-tested principles.   Nonetheless, you must always consult with your medical doctor or GP when embarking upon any nutritional programmes, as each individual case is different with various historicals.


    The vast majority of the foods that Gillian McKeith recommends are available in most supermarkets, food markets and farmers’ markets. A small number of foods may need to be found in health food stores or natural food stores.

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    Gillian McKeith wants you to first read the book from cover to cover, and then read it again. In this way, you will get a good idea of what’s in the book and where to find it.  After you have read the book two times, start to use it every single day as your living workbook. Take the book everywhere and use it throughout each and every day. Take it shopping to the supermarket, to the health food store, the pharmacy. Use it in the kitchen for recipes and always have it by your side. Feel free to fold over pages and write notes in it if necessary. This book and all of Gillian’s books should be treated as working reference guides for all your life.

    Most certainly, yes.  Many of the principles and elements in Gillian’s plan have their origins in macrobiotics.  But the macrobiotic diet is extremely specific and detailed, and requires comprehensive commitment.  In Gillian’s book, You Are What You Eat, you may find elements of macrobiotics, but the Gillian McKeith plan is far wider and more varied.

    Most of the plan is vegetarian and vegan based:  plants, vegetables, fruits, botanicals, herbs, pulses, nuts, seeds, sprouted seeds, beans, grains, legumes and seaweeds. Gillian also uses fish, chicken, turkey, eggs and yogurt too in her meal plans. To access these meal plans, join our wellness and fitness club @ https://www.gillianmckeith.com/sign-up/

    Gillian McKeith’s recommendations and advice will generally bring about balance and harmony to the body.  Gillian is not really about weight loss, although weight reduction may be a side effect of the plan.   Wellness and balance is the real foundation of her principles.

    This means that if you are overweight, then you undoubtedly should be able to easily lose the weight that your body needs to lose. If you are underweight, your body may be able to come to a weight that is right for you.

    Since the focus of the plan is on wellness, various biochemical indicators may come into balance such as weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol levels.   Nonetheless, you must always consult with your medical doctor or GP before embarking upon any nutritional programme or implementing any such advice or recommendations.