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    Dear Gillian,

    We would like to thank you for your wonderful show. We dvr all the episodes and watch them all at one time. You have so encouraged us to ear for our bodies, not for our minds. What I mean is that by incorporating your eating healthy plan, our lives have changed.

    My husband has been eating healthy and working out to gain strength for the last 2 years, sadly I didn’t start until about 4 months ago. I have strugled with weight my whole life, but adding your health plan has helped me so much. I use to think that getting in the car and driving to get fast food was easier than cooking for myself, my husband works nights, and I no longer work, and boy was I wrong.

    Now I LOVE cooking with fresh vegetables and beans and all the yummy stuff I always thought was terrible tasting. My husband has lost 90 pounds in 1.5 years, and I have lost 13 pounds. We now shop together, because I still have the temptation to buy “junk”, I am getting better though. I also opted for a Jack Lalanne Juicer and a mini trampoline for Christmas instead of jewelry.

    Thank you again from the bottom of our “healthier” hearts. You have helped change our lives.

    Jonathan and Renee – Marion, Iowa, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    We would like to thank you for the book you have written “You are what you eat”. It is really illuminating. We really appreciate it. We like it very much, even some of the plants or seeds don’t exist here in Albania and it’s really difficult to find them. Thank you for your work. My mother keeps reading it all the time and now that she has applied some of your advice she feels better.

    Klara – Tirana, Albania

    Dear Gillian,

    I truly love your program and learn something new from each episode. Gillian, I love how tough you are on nutrition and diet and your show is help me and my husband see what NOT to do. We need more people out there like you. Love the show


    Dear Gillian,

    My partner and I started watching your show and it is changing our lives for the better. We absolutely love the program and info on good eating habits.

    Thank you so much.

    John – USA

    Dear Gillian,

    Just to let you know that across the pond you have a student of your healthful turnarounds.

    After watching your shows (You Are What You Eat) on BBC America, I too turned around my life.

    For that, I thank you. I am a young man of 65 who still teaches kindergarten students. I have diabetes which was a direct result of Agent Orange obtained while in Vietnam.

    Since eating healthy eliminating all sugars, corn syrups, processed foods, potatoes, white bread, and breads period from my intake, my daily diabetic readings are spot on.

    My VA (Veteran’s Admin.) Dr. has told me that whatever I am doing, to keep it up. I thank you for what you do and wanted to let you know that ‘across the pond’ you have turned around another of the many lives you have saved. Thank You!


    Dan – Phoenix, Arizona

    Dear Gillian,

    We have been following your recommendations in our personal life since the turn of the century. Our first encounter was with the “Living Foods” in 1999. Thank you very much for bringing to us the knowledge that has really improved our lives.

    Best regards.


    Dear Gillian,

    From the bottom of my heart first: Thank you for all information and inspiration. You have the kind ideology about food and health I always believed in, (but wasn?t always capable to follow). You have integrated all that matter in Your fantastic concept. I have seen most of your shows. This was one of my biggest helpers. I have lost 35 kilo, my boyfriend over 40 and my heart, cholesterol are excellent. They wasn?t before and I was on risk to get diabetes 2, this is also now on very good level. There?s a lot more to do.

    When I Started in March 2009 with mu new wonderful lifestyle I had 172 kilo, now I am “only” 137, my goal is to be somewhere round 80-95, it depends on the wrinkles and the skin. I am 171,5 cm and am 50 years old. Very often I hear that people believe that I am 30-40 year. It is important to me to look young for many reason one among those is that my so beloved partner since 13 wonderful year is 35.

    Anyway many people are amazed over our weight loss and ask what we have done and ask for advice. So the best gift I can give those Friend I love and to thanks the one around me who’s supported me is to give them Health – that is the finest we have on earth isn’t it?

    Love Your mission Gillian – Keep up the good work.

    Dominique – Sweden

    Dear Gillian,

    I am writing you from Mexico City, and I want to tell you that my wife and really enjoy the “You are what you eat” show that airs in the BBC, we watch it every week.


    Carlos – Mexico City

    Dear Gillian,

    I am a 51 year old social worker in the US and have watched your show every Saturday AM for years. It helps motivate me to make correct choices and learn new ingredients to try. I love your recipes on the show and am so glad they are now included online.

    Thank you so much for your continued efforts and educating and helping people change their lives.

    Thanks again,

    Julie – USA

    Dear Gillian,

    My husband and I watch your show on BBCAmerica all the time and enjoy seeing how well you transform overweight people in eating and exercising properly. Thank you.

    Yours Faithfully,


    Dear Gillian,

    I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing, much appreciated. My wife, Shannon is a huge fan of yours and I also became a Bigger fan, simply for the change you have brought in OUR lives, by eating healthy and look after your body.

    I watched your show on Oprah and was quit intrigued by the interview she had with you, 2005. I suggested to Shannon to find out more about your books and so she did. She bought 3 of your books and simply loved it. She followed every single step in the book. In less than 8 months she weighed approx 78kgs. I really admire her for that and always wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration.

    When she returned to South Africa she looked amazing! Everybody complimented her for looking so great and she “promoted” your books by mouth.

    Many thanks and warm regards from sunny Cape Town!

    Ronny – Cape Town, South Africa

    Dear Gillian,

    First off, love, love, love the show!

    Love the recipes you have on your show.

    Gillian, you really have inspired me, I have all kinds of knowledge but the way you address just makes much more sense. Thank you kindly,

    Janice – Vancouver, WA

    Dear Gillian,

    I watch your show all the time and get great tips on what foods do in my body, making sure to pass the info. onto my kids.

    Your devoted fan and student,


    Dear Gillian,

    My name is Samira and am a Canadian Dietitian. I have been watching your shows and reading your newsletters. I really believe what you are doing is great and it is so wonderful to see the smiles on the faces of those you help.



    Dear Gillian,

    I have learned of your website via BBC America. I am glad to know of it and I have signed up for your e-newsletter. We recognize that nutrition plays a key role in disease prevention, human health and wellness especially as it relates to oxidative stress at the cellular level. As you know, oxidative stress and inflammation have been implicated in the pathogenicity of several disease processes. Therefore, I shall look forward to reading announcements in your newsletter and on your website, which I will check regularly.

    As a fan of “You are What You Eat” I have regretted not being able to capture in writing some of the recipes featured in the shows (there was mention of soups such as one made from celery and another one from fresh peas). I had not known of your books but I am glad to know that I can order them online through your website. As a vegan, it is difficult to find good recipes so I am looking forward to expanding my cooking repertoire with your books!

    With much admiration, deepest respect and every best wish for the success of your website and all of your many initiatives, I remain,

    Sincerely yours,

    George Marshall Worthington

    Columbia MIPA ’78, Revson Fellow ’90-’91, MBA ’93
    President Emeritus, MBA Council of Houston
    President, Columbia University Club of South Texas
    President, Columbia Business School Alumni Club Houston

    Co-Founder, Creative Houston
    Executive Director
    World Foundation for Medical Research and Prevention

    Dear Gillian,

    I live in the USA and love your show. I look forward to watching it every single week. You do an excellent job on showing us how to eat and I love to see the results.



    Dear Gillian,

    I watch you every day on BBCAmerica. First, I’ve lost 32 lbs during your 8 week detox as instructed in your book. Now I’m ready to branch out with my food selections. Secondly, I’d like to say many thanks to you and your plan. My life is changed forever.

    Once again, THANKS!!, keep up the tremendous work and best of wishes to you!


    Chaplin – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I have been feeling much better since going with the plan, eating organic and giving up sugars, etc. I feel I’m really on my way back to feeling good, and that is more important to me than weight at this point. My cravings for unhealthy things are getting fewer and farther between, too…and I seem to crave the things my body really needs, like papaya when my tummy is upset or some nettle tea in between meals. This really works!!

    Physical activity is getting easier, too as I feel my strength improving. My overall health score was very low (37) but I know in a month that will all change.

    Again, thanks!!

    Palooza – Gillian McKeith Club Member

    Dear Gillian,

    I follow you because you are a no nonesense person. You are tops in your field. I just started watching your series, You Are What You Eat and I love it. I like your style.


    Adwoa – New York

    Dear Gillian,

    I am an American, and my friends and I love Gillian! I started doing the “slim for life” plan about 2 weeks ago and have seen lifesaving changes to my life, and have started a wave of people interested in following with me.

    She is helping us shed pounds, rid ourselves of disease, and cure chronic health problems.



    Dear Gillian,

    I have been over weight for the last 19 years of my life. I am so grateful to you that you have committed your life to teaching others how to eat. Not having parents to lead me by example, I have looked to others to fill this void. In some ways you have filled this void for me, so for that, I thank you.

    Sincerely yours,


    Dear Gillian,

    I discovered your shows on BBC America, and began watching them for sheer entertainment. I am slowly changing over. Refined white sugar, most milk products, and wheat, are gone. I am post menapausal and have a brutal teaching schedule. I think it is working: my energy levels and sense of well-being are definitely better, and I feel ready for the new school year!

    ….also, I am passing a lot of the nutritional information on to my my students, who are primarily Latino, 11th and 12th grade English classes, in a low income area, with low achievement rates at school: I am really emphasizing breakfast and healthy food for academic improvement!!!!

    So – thank you Gillian! Ultimately, I hope to be able to report a forty-to-fifty pound weight loss!


    Nadine – Irvine, California

    Dear Gillian,

    I do really love your recipes and lifestyle. I’ve read 2 of your books in polish.

    For me you’re the best specialist in this field. I do always recommend you to my friends who are looking for new lifestyle…

    Kasia – Warszawa, Poland

    Dear Gillian,

    I watch your show whenever I can. I must say it has been the most informative, interesting and also the most encouraging series I have seen . I also recently purchased your book ‘You Are What You Eat’ and I love it. The UK is very lucky to have you! Hopefully, you will come to Canada and give some encouragement in person.

    Norisha – Toronto, Canada

    Dear Gillian,

    First I would like to Thank Gillian for televisizing her show on the BBC network it has made BIG changes for me ! I started to watch your show back in the fall of 2008, and invested in a juicer… Here we are in 2009 and although I do not follow exactly (because I am limited in funds and physical injuries), I have lost over 40 pounds.

    I know that my poor eating habits have aided in getting me to where I am today… And Gillian, I Thank God everyday that you use the “SHOCK” method to show people what they are doing wrong.. and then give them help!

    Darlene – Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    Thank you for all the work that you do to educate the public about health and nutrition. I caught 2 episodes of You Are What You Eat while visiting a friend. I keep talking to people I know about how wonderful it is and how I’d love to watch an entire season for all the information and inspiration.

    Please work on getting the episodes into DVD circulation.


    Becky – Minnesota

    Dear Gillian,

    I just wanted to email you to let you know what an inspiration you are.

    I am on weightwatchers but I find your programmes an inspiration.

    I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are and how I am looking forward to getting a personalised plan to enable me to lose weight, because god do I want to and god do I need to.

    Thank you so much

    Sue – Tonbridge, Kent

    Dear Gillian,

    First off, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how
    much I enjoy your show You are What you Eat on the BBC America channel.
    I have it TEVO’d so I don’t miss an episode.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Bethany – Agawam, Massachusetts

    Dear Gillian,

    My wife and I read your health guide on “Miracle Superfood – Wild-Green Algae” and it has helped us enormously.  We have been taking the algae for a number of years and it has improved our life.

    Bob and Rosa

    Dear Gillian,

    I have just seen your wonderful show and wow, my congratulations of a ?perfect? show. If you are ever thinking to coming to Zurich Switzerland to tape a show, my family and I would be the perfect subjects. WE NEED HELP????. Even though I try so desperately to cook healthy, it can be a bit hard trying to get my husband and two healthy boys to eat my meals.

    Thanks again and with very kind regards,

    Gabriella – Zurich, Switzerland

    Dear Gillian,

    I am a mother of two and I have been implementing your advises in my family and with my father who has cancer and we are very happy with the outcoming of it. I been reading your books (in spanish) and recently bought your recipe book.

    Yury – Nicaragua

    Dear Gillian,

    I have been watching re-runs of your program on our cable network here. I LOVE YOUR PROGRAM. Anytime I watch your program I wish you were in Nigeria, because Nigerians have MEGA weight issues due to our high carbohydrate and high fat diet. I got the YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT BOOK and I have read quite a bit. I have read some really shocking things that concerns me. It made me feel like I was a mobile corpse.

    My boys know that I will leave anything I am doing to watch your program. For some reason this season, I haven?t seen your program and I have gotten a little depressed by this.

    Evelyn – Lagos , Nigeria

    Dear Gillian,

    I have been watching your show here in the US for about 5 weeks now and look forward to every episode. It took about 2 weeks to start to realize that I would soon become a statistic much like the participants on your show.

    My weight high, energy levels very low. I started following your common sense advice and living healthier has never been easier. I am slimming down and my energy levels are increasing every day.

    I have incorporated 30 minutes of exercise into my day and I feel great. It really is a simple process and you are able to break it down to it’s simplest forms. I understand simple and this works. I don’t mean to ramble on but I am very thankful that I found your program. You inspire me.

    Very sincerely yours,
    Kate – Illinois, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I just found out about your show on sky tv in which heavy and skinny people swap their lifwe styles to improve their health. I think you are awsome.

    Federica – Italy

    Dear Gillian,

    I had brought Dr. McKeith book a couple of weeks ago and I am now become a believer in that we are what we eat. I reviewed the book for ebay for future buyers and thought I would send a copy of the review to Dr. McKeith.

    Thanks for helping us become healthier and a good reminder what a blessing the good earth provides to us if we just don’t succumb to marketing and pressure to purchase large amounts of coffee, pre-package foods, and chocolates and assorted sweets all in the name of that we are to busy to make our own food.

    Thank you,

    Dear Gillian,

    Where do I start? I have been on a journey for a while with food and working out. I knew there was something wrong when I could no longer work out to get the weight off. I hired a trainer and she was having a hard time helping me.

    I had been watching you on TV for a while more for entertainment reasons than anything else and one day I went and bought your book you are what you eat. Talk about being in denial about what I was eating! I just don’t think people realize what they are doing when it comes to food. I had horrible headaches around my period and even though I read the book could not figure out why I was still having them.

    I decided to go online and see if you had a website and there it was. I joined the boot camp and bought everything you said to and thats when my eating habits really changed. I also started to take the suppliments she suggested and within a few months I had no headaches.

    Really I don’t get the pain at my period anymore (I still gain weight) but my workouts are better when I go to the gym I can stay a while compared to leaving after an hour.

    Kimberly – Tampa, Florida

    Dear Gillian,

    Thank you for all your work on TV and on the internet I have been following your eating plan and recently had blood tests and for the first time in 20 or so years – I have normal cholesterol, both kinds, normal tryglycerides etc etc etc

    Thank you,

    Dear Gillian,

    A work colleague gave me your book to read a few months ago, I liked it so much I bought myself a copy and have enjoyed it so much. I am 174cm in height and a little over 12 months ago I was 97 kg and was on my own floundering around a diet based on a blood group, [ I don?t have food allergies] eating only certain foods suitable to A + blood group. It was so uninteresting, but when my friend showed me the book it reminded me of similar one.

    Your book does and gives me the reason I need to eat healthily. I am now 73 kilos and have a BMI of around 23 I am exercising regularly with running bikes rides and gym. A complete life change. So thank you once again and also for the recipes on the web site @ ch 4. I am currently looking for your recipe book which I will make good use of.

    I am in catering for bulk applications for a government service here in Melbourne, unfortunately I am not in a position to make those changes necessary to put into action your life giving plan but when people who know me see I have lost weight I attribute it to the book. Thanks once again

    Kind regards,
    Graham – Australia

    Dear Gillian,

    Last year I was getting married on the 18th October 2008, and I followed your healthy eating plan for 5months, any inquires i needed you were there to support me. I have been fit/sporty most of my life doing maracycles and have been a member of a gym my whole life. I had a figure of 10/12 and height of 5foot 3inches.

    Then my wedding dress arrived in a size 8! a mistake made by the shop 6 weeks before the big day, however with following your diet and having a personal trainer I acheived my goal!! I had the best figure, body shape mind and spirit iv ever had in my whole life, I felt strong and supper fit high on life – I never allowed any processed food to cross mylips.


    Dear Gillian,

    I love your book! I had no idea you had a TV show when I bought it, and then, yesterday, I was flipping channels on the television and saw your show on the BBC. Loved it! Thank you for all you do.

    Peace and Light,

    Dear Gillian,

    I follow your recipies so much that I think I might have to buy another cook book. I have literally worn my first one out.

    Love the show. We have them “re-running” here in Canada and I’m glued to the tele everyday. Been a HUGE fan for years. I love you and your way of telling people EXACTLY what they need to hear. you’re wonderful.

    Thank you so much.

    Richard – Canada

    Dear Gillian,

    I have been watching your show for several months now & have learned so much. I reeeeeeeally love learning from them, as well as watching how you encourage people to improve their health!!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!!!

    It’s thrilling to watch the results of both your hard work in your tireless efforts to help people as well as the results of THEIR hard work trying to do everything you tell them to. You’re a credit to your profession!!!!!!


    Dear Gillian,

    I’ve recently become a huge fan of your show, “You Are What You Eat” and purchased the book as well. I love what you are doing to wake people up regarding what they are putting into their bodies

    Jocelyn – San Francisco USA

    Dear Gillian,

    Finally, thank you Gillian McKeith for promoting your healthy lifestyle to people all over the world. You have a true gift in understanding the human body and nutrition.

    Sara – USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I saw you on tv on the “you are, what you eat” series. I?m always been big, but never so fat, than now. I have been worried my health meny years, but too stupid or weak to do anything to it.

    But now, because You, Gillian I get that program so much power to lose my weight down, that I can?t never thank enough. Thank you so much, you save my life! I hope, that finnish tv-company buy more your program. I think, many over weight people in here need it!

    Taru – Finland

    Dear Gillian,

    I recently started watching You Are What You Eat. I watched it on bbc america. I loved the show. My husband and I just went on a diet based on what you had your people on the show eat. We have been on the plan for two weeks now and are doing well. I used the show to encourage us on. I really think your plan is what I need to lose weight.

    We both had the gastric by pass surgery. My husband did well but has gained 90 lbs back. I never did all that well with it. I hope you bring the show to the united states.


    Dear Gillian,

    I’m a 30-year-old Agnes from Poland. Recently, I’ve come across your book “You are what you eat” , which seems to be a blessing for me now as I started to realise my health problems. to maintan the “perfect” condition of my organism I have to do something more, which is a proper nutrition. I’ve read your book several times, already , and I think it’s great.

    Agnieszka – Zabrze, Poland

    Dear Gillian,

    My Name is Brenda. I am a 49 year old wife and mother. Almost four years ago I had gastric bypass surgery. The reason I am telling you this is that I love your show. Any way I do want to thank you for the encouragement you provide. Even though I am not doing as well as I could, you have helped me stay in touch with what’s going on with my body.


    Brenda – North Dakota USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I love “You are what you eat”, watch it whenever I can here in Los Alamos, NM USA. Have recently purchased 2 of your books, Slim for Life, and You are what you eat (USA version). I get all kinds of tips from your show and am really inspired to get healthier by eating better and exercising more!

    Mia and Robert in New Mexico, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I love your series on BBC America. It may be the best series I’ve ever watched, because it is so informative (you present the issues so they are easy to grasp – i.e., the “whys” & the “wherefores”, etc…) & so useful! I’m trying to apply what you’ve taught, but I’ve got a ways to go. Thanks, Gillian!

    Kind Regards,

    Charlie – Harbor Springs, Michigan USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I’d like to tell you how much my partner & I enjoy your show, and how it has inspired us to live healthier lifestyles.

    Yours Sincerely

    Glenn & Karen

    Dear Gillian,

    For years I have struggled with weight problems, fatigue, digestive and intestinal problems. My primary care physician diagnosed my issues differently over the years but the treatment for the diagnoses she gave never really made things better for me.

    Then one day a girlfriend at work told me about you and your show on BBC. I watched the show a few times and then went to the website and signed up. I completed the questionnaire. I thought it was too long and almost didn?t finish but I am so glad I did. The very first item that came up for me digestion issues and the suggestion was that I might a food allergy. I always knew milk products caused me issues and that was on my profile to avoid. Since I knew that to be true I felt I should try avoiding the food types she suggested.

    Within a few days, my life was changed!!! I could eat a meal and not have tummy troubles. I had energy again, I didn?t feel as achy and I had a positive attitude. I now know that gluten (wheat, barley and rye based products) make me sick. This was a difficult learning process because so many items contain gluten (wheat, barley and rye) or have ingredients that are derived from them and in the beginning I would occasionally get frustrated with reading the labels and does it or does it not have gluten so I would eat things anyway and be back to the old sick self.

    It has been 7 months since I have really been eating gluten free and not only feel like a new person but I AM a new person. I have lost about 30 pounds since I did the questionnaire and still losing, I feel better, I exercise regularly now and my belly is flat instead of bloated. My sick time at work has reduced by 50% so even my supervisor is ecstatic!

    Thank you!!!


    Dear Gillian,

    Love you show! Tape it off satellite and watch it everyday! Great ideas. I got your book and it is amazing. I lot to digest, pardon the pun, but I am starting small. I will be researching and trying all your recipes ..Keep it up……


    Dear Gillian,

    I love your show ?You Are What You Eat?!! I have watched all the episodes numerous times on BBC America. Will you be doing more shows? It is the best nutrition show on the airways. If BBC didn?t pick it up, why not contact TLC or another Discovery Health channel?

    Also, we have FIT TV and other networks that air it. I have told so many people about the show and now they are addicted to it?but we need more shows?thanks?

    Gail – Sturgeon Bay, WI USA

    Dear Gillian,

    First of all I am incredibly grateful for your dedication to healing. Thank you! To find you, your show, site and recipes with all your guidance as to how and why is a gift. There are no excuses now and lots of understanding.

    Again, thank you and many blessing to you and yours,

    Christine – California

    Dear Gillian,

    I watched your programme on BBC American and immediately fell in love with your take-no-prisoners, tough love approach. No compromises. That is what works.

    I got a copy of “You Are What You Eat” and am re-reading it now. I am very excited that your program will work for me and my husband. Thanks for all your VERY FINE work and encouragement!

    Ceal – Maineville

    Dear Gillian,

    After seeing the episode with the woman who loved the hot dogs, I can assure you, I’ll never eat a hot dog again! Love your show! Very motivational!

    Ross – Las Vegas, NV

    Dear Gillian,

    Thankyou for your health profile, it was ‘life changing’.

    I have been following all your suggestion’s for a little more than a week and for now I can say that I no loger have crashes at 3pm nor mood swings or food cravings for cheese (bread is still a battle). So thank you.

    Faithfully believing in your nutritiuonal approach.


    Dear Gillian,

    My wife and I very much enjoy the show, as does our daughter. We’ve been eating healthy for a long time now, and your show has given us a lot of new ideas to add to our diet (and by diet I mean dietary lifestyle).

    I’m pretty sure that the episode where you showed the pig snouts that go into hot dogs has cured my daugter of ever wanting another hot dog for the rest of her life! So much that you say it is just common sense, and I’m glad to see somebody trying to spread that word. Thanks for listening, and keep up the great work.


    Carl – Palm Harbor, Florida

    Dear Gillian,

    Thank you for all your work on TV and on the internet I have been following your eating plan and recently had blood tests and for the first time in 20 or so years – I have normal cholesterol, both kinds, normal tryglycerides etc etc etc

    Thanks you


    Dear Gillian,

    I discovered your show on BBC while recovering from surgery. How I wish you would come to the US and fire us up with a life saving visit! Thank you for inspiring me to think about how I am eating.

    Changes have come into my life as a result of your show, more veggies and fruits and less sugar and fat.

    Thank you again!


    Dear Gillian,

    my name is Milan an i am from Czech Republic. I would like to thank you for your book-You are,what you eat. I like it very much!

    I am 50 years old,I want change my style of life and your book help me a lot

    I would like to wish very nice life, thank you:)))


    Dear Gillian,

    I have just started following Gillian’s wedding countdown diet. I am getting married in May 2010, so I thought I’d get a good head start!

    So far I absolutley love the diet, I’m amazed at 2 things, firstly how full I feel all the time and secondly how good the food makes me feel!


    Dear Gillian,

    I paid for an evaluation from you and I just wanted to say Thank you so much.

    I started watching your show on BBCAm a few weeks ago and I can?t get enough. Everything you do on your shows makes such sense. You need to come to the United States and help us.

    I will be revisiting you site, but I just have to send you a note to say thank you for opening up my eyes and please, keep on doing what you are doing.


    Dear Gillian,

    I have been watching your program for several years now on BBC in America. I love ya girl!

    I signed up a few weeks ago, took a week to get my mind in gear, and took care of the special shopping, and now I am on my way to a healthier life. Thanks to your tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience.

    I am enjoying the program and, as I knew from watching the program, the greatest challenge is planning snacks and meals ahead of time. Of course, some of the items suggested on the recipes I have trouble locating here in the South, so it is always helpful when you make replacement suggestions.

    God Bless,


    Dear Gillian,

    First of all, I have to say you saved my life!!! I was feeling awful and hated the way I looked. I joined a gym and went religiously, 5 days a week for an hour each day. I lost NOTHING!!!! I thought I was eating healthy!!! Needless to say, I gave up after a year.

    After several years and 20 pounds of weight gain later, my back was really bad. Then I tried your plan, and the weight came off, even though I was only able to walk for a short distance each day. I feel better and the pain has subsided. God bless you!

    thank you and bless you, you are my lifesaver and my Goddess!!!!!

    Annette – Canada

    Dear Gillian,

    I’m writting form Poland, I’m 24 and me and my family are makeing healthy plan of Gillian. I also would like to thank Gillian. My parents lost (together) 61 kilos !! They are so greateful. We are watching all programs and learning from books. Our lives has changed drasticly:)

    Best Regards


    Dear Gillian,

    I love the show You Are What You Eat and the great nutrition information provided. We had a snowstorm here in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, and my husband was home to watch with me ? he?s ready for Boot Camp as well now!


    Brenda – Omaha, Nebraska, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I’d first like to say that I LOVE Gillian’s TV show “You are what you eat”. I’ve learned so much and now use her cookbook regularly to cook amazing, healthy meals!!!

    Thanks so much for your help,


    Dear Gillian,

    My husband and I just switched from cable TVto Direct TV and we have been able to view your show”You are what you eat” at BBC America channel. Thank you so much for all the good information. I bought your book and am trying my best to change my poor eating habits.

    My husband is also trying. We are learning so very much and we can’t tell you how much better we feel. Keep up the good work. You are helping us. Another great thing I have noticed is our trash is less because of buying fresh. Good ,good things happening all around.

    Thank you, thank you. You are my hero.


    Dear Gillian,

    Your Show is incredible and I am learning so much from the wee Scots Lady… Thank You I love the Aduki Bean Stew …It is so yummy. I am going to join up on your website… I just want to Thank you so much You are a great teacher… we are so lucky to have you and your help



    Dear Gillian,

    I’m just starting the program. So far, every receipe for my profile has been terrific, and i’ve printed out other receipes from the site.

    Thanks for your help!

    Donna – Pennsylvania, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I would like to start off by letting you know that I am a big fan of your show on BBC America. Actually, I can?t get enough of it. I have learned a lot about better ways to eat.

    I love that most of your dietary recommendations come from alternatives to meat ? beets and spinach for iron, flax seed and whole grains, to name a few. Your show is one of our favorite topics of conversation. Thank you for your commitment to teaching people better eating habits.

    Thank you,


    Dear Gillian,

    Just a note to say thanks for this info as it is life changing.I have watched your shows from the first show. I have recently just lost 74lbs, on my own journey back to self, thank goodness for all the info over the many years and programs that I have watched over and over.

    I just got a computer and with the help of my oldest grandchild voila I can find your daily reciepes , this is the best!!!!! My biggest dream is to have you for 1 day to pick your brain and get hands on cooking lessons, just a dream!!! So my thanks to you and I will email you with all the results.

    Barbara – Canada

    Dear Gillian,

    I feel like I know you just from watching so many of your TV shows. My husband and I truly enjoy this show and are learning so very much about nutrition . Thank you and keep up the great and interesting shows.

    Bonnie – Canada

    Dear Gillian,

    I have been watching your show called ?You Are What You Eat? on BBC Network for a very long time. It is definitely my favorite show! I am writing to you because you are so inspiring and I love the way you are so ?to the point? with the people who come to you for help. You genuinely care about each one of your clients.

    There was a time when I was 185 pounds. I am only 5 feet, 1 inch so I was extremely overweight. I had been battling my weight problem for about 16 years. Thanks to you and your show, I have been motivated even more to continue with my progress.

    Keep up the good work Ms. McKeith!!! Onward and downward!!!!!


    Donna – Huntington Beach, California

    Dear Gillian,

    Gillian has had a very positive impact on my household. One of the problems I faced when I migrated from my home land to North America is a lack of knowledge about the new food that was suddenly available to me.

    It has been a challenge, but I am making wiser choices thanks to Gillian. Thanks in advance for your help and have a great day!

    Andrene – Alberta, Canada

    Dear Gillian,

    Hi. I’m Bailey. I’m 9 years old. You are such a good rolemodel. I love the show You Are What You Eat!! We always watch your show and it helps us eat healthy. I make juice for my friends and they like it too.

    My friend Brianne Shaffer and I tried a couple of different kinds of rice, fruits and vegetables. All my friends LOVE to eat healthy but we have a little snack here and there too.



    Dear Gillian,

    love you love you love you, all your help and all your recipes have made me eating right so much easier. I have lost 25lbs in 2 months and I eat about 75% of my diet raw. I started at 295 lbs and I have a long way to go, but for the first time in my life(i’m 50) I KNOW I CAN DO IT!!!

    thank you thank you


    Dear Gillian,

    I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much I enjoy watching your show, “You Are What You Eat.” I live in New York City and Tivo episodes off BBC America each day. I’ve learned so much from you, and actually want to eat healthily for the first time in my life.

    I have made several of your recipes such as baked root vegetable crisps and brown rice balls. Thank you for educating everyone about how important it is to eat fresh, wholesome foods.



    Dear Gillian,

    Faithfully,my daughter and I watch your show and laugh, learn and love it! Gillian you are terrific and make a great difference in peoples lives you don’t even know. Thank you!


    Zandi and Tiffany

    Dear Gillian,

    I lost 323 lbs my starting weight was 453 and now I am at a healthy 150lbs. I had to learn how my body works and how foods work with my body, Things that I wish I had learned as a child. I am 43 years old now and about to start on a whole new life.

    Keep up the wonderful good work.


    Dear Gillian,

    I would like to thank you for all of your products which I could not live without. I love your products so much and I always recommend them to friends and family.

    Your hard work and effort does not go unnoticed and I am so pleased with the results I have achieved since using your products. I always choose Gillian McKeith products. I adore your them, they are always up to date and offer the customer something new and different. I buy myself at least one item a day.

    I am happy that I started using your product and I don’t think any other will compare in the future.



    Dear Gillian,

    Thank you for inspiring me to finally do something about my weight and ill health.

    Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes but until I began listening to your program on BBC America I did not take it seriously and subsisted mainly on McDonald’s and junk food. Of course I felt Horrible!!!!!

    I began incorporating your suggestions little by little into my life and find that my sugar levels are under control and my energy levels are much higher. I no longer cough and gag all the time and my stomach ailments have all but cleared up.

    I am having a wonderful time experimenting with whole foods and am aiming to become a vegetarian soon down the line.

    Thank you Gillian and keep up the good work!!!!!



    Dear Gillian,

    I am a 40-year-old mother of four. I have suffered all my life from a rare GI disorder and have struggled to eat and eat well. Your show in the USA, “You Are What You Eat,” and its nutritional information has helped me to get the upper-hand.

    My tongue was a shocking disgrace but is slowly looking better and has been a great indicator of what I need and how I am progressing. Six months ago I was dying — a heart attack waiting to happen — and today I have a new lease on life and feel 30! I just wish people who abuse their bodies with disastrous choices could appreciate the gift they are throwing away.

    Thanks for your guidance and for listening,

    Jodi – Colorado, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I have been watching you on BBCAmerica for over a year. Then I bought your book and cook book. In may I started using your program. Since May I have gone from 280 lbs to 230 lbs.

    Anyway, at Christmas our family decided not to exchange gifts, only for the grand children. My youngest daughter is in the US Army National Guard and had been in Iraq for a year came home just before Christmas. I went to see her and as I hugged her she staired at me. She said. “Good God!!! You’ve lost weight!!!”

    Then at Christmas my oldest daughter whom I hadn’t seen since march said, “Mom you look good.” A few months earlier my middle daughter had told her that I was looking good and was running around playing with the kids and I never had energy for that before.

    So even though we didn’t exchange gifts I received the greatest gift of all that my kids noticed the difference. So THANK YOU so much!

    Not only that but your associate explained I might have a dairy allergy and told me how to test it. Sure enough I do. My Dr had already told me I had a glutin allergy and it was part of the psorisis problem and your assistant said dairy was as well. So I have been dairy free since March and the psorisis is almost completely gone just a few small spots behind my ears.

    I had my yearly physical in Dec. and took your books to my Dr. He was very happy with my results and said if the weight keeps coming off I should be able to do without my blood pressure med. I was high normal but now it is normal and he said I could begin to go without and just keep a check on it and use the medications if it goes up.

    So on behalf of my Dr., family and myself THANK YOU so much. Have a blessed and happy year. I will keep you in my prayers.



    Dear Gillian,

    I just want to tell you that your 70′s Disco Walking Workout is wonderful. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to use it, because I walk on a treadmill, but it works fine, and you’ve got me walking faster than I’ve every been able to make myself walk on the treadmill.

    I’m even using it on the elliptical trainer, and it works really well for that too. Just the right music, just the right pace and increase in pace, and just the right amount of encouragement from you; it really helps with the inevitable treadmill boredom, and I look forward to working out now, and get a much better workout.

    I joined your club in July 2008 after watching your terrific TV show on BBC America, and have been following your nutritional advice since then. You have changed my life, I have lost lots of weight and finally can control my appetite. I think you are the best nutritionist out there, please keep up this great work.

    Lenore – Miami, Florida USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I just wanted to let you know just how much I LOVE your show. I find all the infomation you give extremely helpful and love the way you get through to some people.

    Everytime I watch your show I always tell my husband what I have learned from it and apply it to our lives. I am constantly telling my friends and family about the “poo” info you share. I apply it to my girls that are 6 and 3, about the importance of healthy eating and having good poos. I want to thank you for airing your show.

    Thanks and take care,

    Ami – Ontario, Canada

    Dear Gillian,

    I’ve lost 3 stone so far and your book has changed my life. I am 16 stone now and struggling to shift the rest but it is coming off.


    Dear Gillian,

    I have been watching your T.V. program here in the US and have been in bootcamp. I took the health profile and it says I am doing well but need some improvement. I have been slowly but surely improving with each month taking suppliments and eating lots of vegetables. I kept myself from getting all the supliments I needed in the beginning because of how much they were so I was still getting the headaches.

    Well I finally went and bought the rest and now for the first time in a few years no headaches! I am on my period right now and usually I have to take “IMETREX” for them. I know they are expensive but I thought if I had to buy the suppliments and take the imetrex I would go broke. Last month however I broke down and bought them all and no headache!


    Dear Gillian,

    I have been watching your show, “You Are What You Eat” on the BBC Channel, and after being clinically obese for about 4 yrs now, (130 lbs) at age 40. I have lost 8 lbs, in just 2 week! My thyroid was sluggish, and I was lacking specific vitamins like you said, when you taught that the tongue is the “window” of the body.

    Just implementing the tools that you taught, on the hollistic approach to proper nutrition, and of course excersise, me, and my children and my husband are now eating healthier, and the pounds are falling off! I am of dwarf stature, 4 ft 2 inches tall, and so are both of my young children. So it is vital that our weight stay under control.

    Thank you for your show, and this note was a simple thank you for inspiring me to quit putting rubish into my body. Your point of proper nutrition was well taken, observed, and utilized to it’s fullest in our family!

    Thank you!


    Dear Gillian,

    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all you do. I have been watching “you are what you eat” for some time now. From the first time I have seen the show I was inspired to do an overhaul on my diet or lack there of. I feel better than I ever have.

    And my intestinal problems are gone. Since I have a wheat intolerance, the way you suggest meals and what not are perfect. I don’t have to worry if something has wheat or not. I have already lost 40 pounds in just over a year. I have another 40 to go. I must admit to missing my coffee, but I stay away because I know that the way I feel now is so much better than the way I did before.

    Thanks for being an inspiration to me.

    Love and light,

    Sonia – USA

    Dear Gillian,

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy watching ” You are what you eat”. I am just ready for some new shows. I can almost say the shows word for word I have watch them so many times. But just keep up the good work Gillian and tell it like it is..



    Dear Gillian,

    I just want to say thank you. I have suffered from anorexia for many years and I want to get well. I have been following her recipes in a bid to get healthy again, I currently weigh 6 stone 7lbs im 5ft 5in which is very low.

    I have most of Gillians books which I have found inspiring and I hope will change the way I feel about eating and get me back to some sort of normality as I so badly need to get well for my children and family.



    Dear Gillian,

    you are a blessing with a wealth of health knowledge, I just discovered your show on BBC America. I have been recording every episode on the DVR, you are exactly what I need.

    Theresa – Pittsburgh, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I have been watching your program and I too admit I never really was educated about the value of live food verses the dead, chemical processed food that one can consume throughout their lifetime either with lack of knowledge or awareness of the outcome of consumption.

    Your program illustrates that so very well, after seeing those tables of processed foods I have changed my lifestyle, still a little overweight however I am working on it, thanks so very much to you. Blessings to you.

    Dana – Summerland, CA

    Dear Gillian,

    Thank you for the computer friendly assistance and I am delighted with my profile and am looking forward to a better way of life. Life is so wonderful to waken up to that it,s complete peace and yes light.

    Thank you,


    Dear Gillian,

    Thank you again, for all you do for the world. I appreciate you and your message very much.

    Kathie – Murrieta, CA

    Dear Gillian,

    I have read your book and am hooked on your show! I don’t think I’d be a candidate for your show, but I LOVE your message! i just love your attitude, your book and your show… it makes me realize I am just not being the best ME I can be! Plus everytime you start getting after someone I just want to HUG you! LOL!

    Lots of love from detroit, michigan USA!

    xoxoxo Nancie

    Dear Gillian,

    I have watched your show on BBC America and have been so interested in changing my life like the people you work with. I’m just beginning my journey but I feel so encouraged that I can accomplish my goals with your help. Thank you so much for the wonderful website, health profile, recipes, etc. You are an angel in my life.

    Love Laurie – Orem, Utah, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I wanted to tell Gillian how much I love her and what she does. My name is Andrea and I watch her show on BBC America EVERYDAY!! I have learned so much just from watching her show. I have lost 2 stone from taking EVERYTHING she teaches and apply it to my everyday life!

    Anyway, I just wanted again to thank her for caring so much! I honestly don’t know how depressed and overweight I would still be, if it wasn’t for Gillian!!

    Keep doing what you do best!


    Dear Gillian,

    One year ago this month, my wife and I had the great fortune of seeing “You Are What You Eat”, on BBC America. We were fascinated and inspired by the stories of the people you helped.

    We started watching every episode we could, noting the bad habits that we needed to eliminate, and the good foods we needed to adopt. By following the concepts, and switching to the foods you recommended, we’ve both lost weight, but more importantly, have become incredibly healthier!

    My wife’s health had declined prior to this, due to caring for elder family, as she was not caring for herself. Her skin, nails and hair all reflected this. Now her hair is shiny, her nails are strong, and her skin is becoming smoother. I no longer need the blood pressure and cholesterol medications I was taking, and we’re both healthier than we were 30 years ago.

    We now have people in their twenties (we’re both 50-something) asking what we’re doing to get healthier, and we point them in your direction.

    Thank you, and keep up the good work!

    John and Chris

    Dear Gillian,

    I love “you are what you eat”, its a great show and i cant believe how some people cram all that junk inside them!! Well done for sorting them out!

    with kind regards


    Dear Gillian,

    Thank you so much, I will purchase those books and read them. M personal trainer Shiloh Bunce told me he lives by Gillian McKeith (and he is a national sprinter), and advised me to follow your rules. I look forward to learning as much as I can from the books and website.

    Thanks again,


    Dear Gillian,

    I am reading You Are What You Eat and I am IN LOVE with it. I’ve watched the show for many months.

    best regards,


    Dear Gillian,

    I’m inspired by your many television shows and your website. Thanks for adding recipes there!


    Katherine – Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Dear Gillian,

    The work you do on a daily basis is admirable, exciting and rewarding. Your shows are very entertaining, while providing all the interest of medicine; my personal favourite being supersize vs superskinny; i honestly love the work you carry out, managing to better people’s lives while educating a huge number of viewers.

    Thank You,


    Dear Gillian,

    I have been very happy to be one of your club members for a year. I learnt a lot and really enjoyed some meals that I cooked according to your recipes.

    Thank you


    Dear Gillian,

    I have just recently started your program and have noticed more energy and a better feeling over all.


    Dear Gillian,

    I live in USA and since we’ve gotten the BBC channel I have immensely enjoyed watching ‘You Are What You Eat.” My hat’s off to you for your involvement in the lives of your clients and all those who watch you. I always learn something new when I watch the show.

    I also love the British sense of humour because I love a good laugh. There is always some funny incident or comment in the show. Your expertise in healthful diet and living is pioneering. Thank you for your hard work and inspiration. God Bless You, Gillian.

    Respectfully yours,

    Shirl – New York, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I really enjoyed your show about the Mother and daughter who were overweight and bring up the subject of drinking. Sometimes we women don’t want mention that subject but your show did it perfect. Thank bunch.

    Deborah – Dallas, Texas

    Dear Gillian,

    I would like to ask if you can do TV around people who have had an abdominal operation and suffer from sluggish bowel as a result.

    I had a hysterectomy with both front and back repair in September 2007. Apart from being told straining is VERY BAD if I want the op to stay successful, being warned the bowel can take a long time to work efficiently again and being sent away with a small bottle of lactulose, advice for getting back to normal was non existent.

    After 3 months of being very careful and continuously taking lactulose I started to try weaning myself off the medicine, but ended up going back to work still dependent on it.

    By July of 2008 I was in the doctors being prescribed antidepressants, counselling and tramoxedine to help me sleep. 29th September 2008 found me totally unable to work, crying in front of my doctor and on the sick for an indeterminate length of time.

    Then I found a copy of your book “You are what you eat” and bought it to help me understand food. I had about 75% of the signs in the diagnosis list?. So I began my journey with your help. (I thank you and your team so much.) After 7 or 8 days the constant pains, which I’d previously written down just to see what was happening, were almost forgotten.

    Since then I have moved from 5 days between bowel movements, or diarrhoea if I increase the medicinal laxative, to almost one bowel action a day.

    My tongue has lost its horizontal cracks and the central crack and teeth marks have lessened though it is still swollen and white covered. I still have other symptoms to deal with but frankly I don’t care too much as I am making progress at last.

    BUT my biggest hope is to find some way of other people seeing your work as important after abdominal operations. I thought about writing to my local hospital and I pass your website URL to anyone who cares to listen, but that isn’t wide enough to reach thousands of people like me who are harassing their doctors to no avail.

    Yours sincerely


    Dear Gillian,

    Firstly, before I begin, I would just like to say how much of a role model you are, you have realli changed my life around with your healthy eating, and your books, espeically with your TV show ‘You Are What You Eat’.

    Yours Sincerely

    Adrian – Wolverhampton, UK

    Dear Gillian,

    I really want you to know that your book ?You are what you eat? (it?s translated into Croatian language) is a really great support for me J I bought your book because I liked the title (I have a few pounds more than I need to), I never heard about you or your book before, and now I am a great fan of yours and since I am reading this book and living the way you told to ? I feel and look better every day. I lost 2 pounds in one week just like this!

    I really want to THANK you for the great text, all the definitions and tips and tricks ? IT WORKS for the first time in my life!!! And I learned a lot about food I never heard of.

    With best regards,

    Tina – Zagreb (Croatia)

    Dear Gillian,

    MY name is Lisa ….I am from Lubbock, Texas …and I just wanted to say that I ….LOVE YOUR T.V SHOW…..!!!! (You are what you eat!!!!!!!!!)…..I watch it every day……and how I wish….YOU were here in the U.S. to help so many people….including myself…..I find it so amazing…on how your foods…can really change a person….Please continue on helping those in need…..and don’t stop your T.V show….

    thank you so much….


    Dear Gillian,

    I have only just begun my eating plan and already the results are phenomenal. I am down four and a half pound already and have just begun day 4. I feel so much better and the foods I am eating keep me full longer, so I have been eating less. I have also begun a work out regime. I am so excited and will keep you posted with my progress.



    Dear Gillian,

    I love your show..on BBC America and I watch it every Saturday.


    Dear Gillian,

    Hello, my wife and I bought 2 MCKeith books 2 years ago, and went for its diet. It changed our lifes, THANK YOU!:-)


    Dear Gillian,

    I am writing to you from Durban South Africa. My sister who lives in London bought we your book for Christmas a couple of years ago and it has been my bible since then.

    Kind Regards,

    Dear Gillian,

    I started watching your show on BBC America a few months ago. I’m only 23 years old, but I was having migraines, stomach pain and was very uncomfortable with my body.

    While I was in the normal range for my height (5′ 7, 11 stone 9 lbs) my eating habits were not good. I would eat junk food and take out late at night and pretty much starve all day.

    I didn’t see anything wrong with it because I figured it was better than overeating. Now I know how wrong I was. Now I eat plenty of fruits and veggies as well as seeds and nuts. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and obesity is a serious problem. I’m glad that with your help I was able to correct my eating habits before it was too late.

    Now. I have more energy, I’m happier and I have lost about 10 lbs. Even my boyfriend is eating and feeling better. If more people knew the damage they were doing to their body they would think twice about eating junk. I plan on taking what you taught me and continuing this healthy path. I’m also trying to make my friends and family aware of what they put in their bodies.

    Thank you for changing my life. I wish I could give you a big hug!! Thanks again!!

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Dear Gillian,

    Your instruction and support have been invaluable. I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me.

    I will continue to follow you on BBC America, remember the wisdom that you have imparted to me, and I will continue to encourage others to change their diets and their lives especially by referring them to you on your website and on your program “You Are What You Eat.”

    Again, thank you so much for all you do to improve the lives of so many.


    Dear Gillian,

    I watch the show and LOVE it!!

    Since finding your show about 2 months ago, I have stopped eating sugar (with the exception of a small amount of brown sugar with my steel cut oatmeal with flax seeds each morning). I have also given up most of the diet soda I was drinking. (I used to drink 2 – 5 cans per day…..I now drink 1 or 2 per week). I have cut out coffee (it was decaf, but I could just hear your voice telling me about all the chemicals used to remove the caffeine).

    I am adding fruits and veg to my diet more and more each week, and hardly ever eat red meat.


    Dear Gillian,

    In general I must say that you are doing good job all of you, thank you for that. I am every day on Gillians internet peages and taking inspiration and reading. Thank you and sorry about not perfekt english,but I hope that you will understand.

    With kind regards


    Dear Gillian,

    I am feeling much more peppy after 10 days on the program. I really like most of the foods and would make them after I have lost all the weight.


    Dear Gillian,

    You are a true gift of God. How gratifying it is to see a woman on tv manifesting such true femininity: motherly, no-nonsense, intelligent, humorous, and inspiring. I love your directness. You are an example for us all. Thank you, Gillian. I think you are beautiful in all ways and I am grateful you are on earth. You have given me someone to look up to.


    Dear Gillian,

    I have been watching your show for several weeks now and since discovering it I have become addicted!! I have been trying to eat and live more healthily, and have discovered more tips and tricks on your show than anywhere else I’ve found.

    Love your show!!



    Dear Gillian,

    I just wanted to thank you and tell you the impact you are having on my life and my family. I have just started your program and boot camp starts Monday – I have been building up to this after watching your show for several months now and have adopted lots of your advice in my diet, one big thing is drastically reducing my alcohol intake.

    Thank you so much for enlightening me with your healthy ways so I can improve my life and educate my children.



    Dear Gillian,

    I wanted to thank you for your fast response my computer is having problems so I am late in thanking you and telling you to keep up the great work and pray they never take you off tv. I would truly miss watching you and plan on getting her next cookbook I tell everyone about her and her great food diet I am losing thank goodness and thanks to her.


    Dear Gillian,

    I bought the book the Ultimate Health Plan (when I worked in uk – I’m working in middle east since July 08) and really your diet programme will keep me slim for life. Can tell you,starting with the plan in April and I never looked back. I feel more comfortable. Lost 4kg in 4 weeks. I continue with my programme. Thank you for the healthy eating programme.


    Dear Gillian,

    I have watched your show on BBC America for a few years?all while I was eating something. I am overweight and have a lot of the same symptoms as your clients and I know that what you were teaching them was real. It was also very evident from the results your clients enjoyed. I have known I need to do something different.

    I did see that you were publishing a book and I put my order in early. I got them just this last week, and I have been juicing and eating fish?and moving my butt and other things she has asked and I just want to say that even in a few days I feel great. I just want to say thank you. I am going to keep saying ?I am slim??(even though I am not?yet) and I hope to be a success story here in Utah.

    My body knows that what I am doing is good for it?.I can tell. Thank you Gillian. I intend to do my best. If you ever come to the US?I hope to meet you. Have a great day.

    Kim Domacilio
    Provo, Utah

    Dear Gillian,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have been on the detox diet for 2 weeks, and have lost 10 pounds so far, my desire for diet soda is gone, and I really am not tempted by sweets, I have always had a sweet tooth!

    Thank you so much, I love your programs, they are great!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Dear Gillian,

    I love your show and have been sticking to your receipes. I lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks. Thank you!

    Pennsylvania, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I am desperately seeking your advice now!! Please help me.

    I am 21 years old comes from Norway. I just saw one of your fantastic shows ?you are what you eat? with Gregor and Helen. Your shows are so learn full and interesting. I always watches with pen and paper so that I can learn and remember more.


    Dear Gillian,

    I am a fan from the US. I watch all the time on BBC America. So, you can imagine my joy at finding her website so helpful to those of us not located in the UK. I just joined the program today, and can’t wait to go shopping.


    Dear Gillian,

    I wanted to write you and let you know how much you have impacted my family. In the last month of watching your show on BBC America( I live in San Diego, California) I have learned so much about proper eating. We now live a yeast free and bad carb free life style. It has made such an amazing difference in our lives.

    My husband is a diabetic and the changes in his sugar levels have been wonderful. I, myself, have been feeling a million percent better too. Everything has changed inside of me. I am basically a vegitarian now and have enjoyed every minute of it. Feeling as great as I do, I would never go back to feeling awful as I used to.

    I have been researching new ways of making my husbands life easier by finding healthy new ways of making very satisfying meals and treats such as my own recipe for making banana bread using almond meal, vital wheat gluten, and Splenda. Almond meal is my new best friend…. I especially liked how you brought to light that we all need to re-think what to eat for breakfast. THANK YOU.

    I feel soooooo much better now. ( By the way, (hahahahah) I pay much more attention to my “poo” and am proud to say that I do 2 to 3 times a day) I like seeing real people on your show, and seeing how eating great really does affect them.

    I have to admit to you tho, that when I first started watching your show I didn’t like you very much, ha ha ha. BUT now that I understand you, and the show much better I appreciate you and your drive to help people. So I humbly bow to you and thank you for the difference you have made for my family and myself. Thank you Gillian, I really thank you.


    San Diego, California

    Dear Gillian,

    I have been watching your show here in the USA and truly believe in what you say “you are what you eat”! I am back to getting my life together at 40 and am going to incorporate some of the ideas I have learned from your show!!

    Thanks for inspiring me


    Dear Gillian,

    I have been following your program for a little over 2 weeks. I am in awe of the change it has made in my life, and I am so grateful for the information. Thanks!


    Chicago, IL, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    Greetings from the US,

    You are my favorite show and I am sharing the news with many others who are interested in nutrition. We do not have any holistic nutritionists around here – at least none as thorough as yourself. Congratulations on a program which empowers people to make better choices.



    Dear Gillian,

    I have tried dozens of other programs however this one is actually tailor made for the individual. I know I will not only lose weight but will become much healthier and enjoy life more by eating the right foods for me. I am very excited about getting started.

    I also signed up for the Boot Camp and can’t wait for that to begin. thanks again for your web site and the great show, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!!

    Gainesville, Florida

    Dear Gillian,

    Firstly, I have to congratulate you on such a great program. My 13 year old daughter and I love to watch your program ?You Are What You Eat? on BBC America. We have also read your book ?You Are What You Eat?. I often visit the website. It would be great to see Gillian here in America. She definitely would have her work cut out for her here!


    Illinois, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I watched your show “three brides and one dress”…i thought than, that you r 2 tough.I began to watch the show “living with gillian”‘ and i started to listen and embrace your advices. i lost about 6 kg during 6 weeks and i hope 2 lose more.thank you for your knowledge and positive energy that you can transmite even through the tv screen to israel.thak you alot!!! you changed my life 180 degree. i am now happier, more confident and more energetic.

    Tel-Aviv, Israel

    Dear Gillian,

    I Think you are fantastic! I have read all of your books, and your information and advice about a persons diet is absolutely right. It would seem you are the only person who does’nt think dieting is acceptable.

    The fact that you dont encourage fad dieting or simple starvation is so good to hear.Please keep up the good work,You have really helped me as i have struggled with low blood sugar for such along time and no doctor seemed to help.

    Simple foods can change how u feel.

    Miss Blue Jones

    Dear Gillian,

    First of all, I love your show “You Are What You Eat”. It has really helped me to have a better understanding of how much an impact food has on our overall health. Recently, both my mom and I lost about thirty pounds each.

    New Hampshire, U.S.

    Dear Gillian,

    I feel as if I know you. I watch your program “You Are What You Eat” every morning at 11:00am here in Ohio. I have learned so much from you. I admire your tenacity and passion about good health. I have Fibromyalgia, severely, but in learning how you approach nutrition has helped me immensely.

    You have a wonderful gift in helping people to change their lives. I pray for you daily as I realize that there must be so much that goes into your program. I feel that you truly care for those that you help. It is genuine. God Bless you in your endevors to spread the word about nutrition.

    Okay, now I am going out to buy some ice cream and cookies! Just kidding. You are a joy.


    Dear Gillian,

    I am writing to you because I think you are wonderful. I have recently been able to watch your program on BBC America, “You are what you eat”, and your holistic guidelines for helping people are extraordinary.


    Dear Gillian,

    Six thousand miles away in Tulsa, Oklahoma I watch “You Are What You Eat” on BBC cable. Who would have thought it could have had such an amazing effect on my life? Certainly not me! I had more or less given up healthy eating years ago as there were just so very many things my system could not handle such as salad, raw vegetables, fruit juice etc. My foods of choice became mostly dairy and simple carbs.

    However, as time passed I began to slowly put on weight and eventually developed IBC coupled with high blood pressure and occasional bouts of diverticulitis. As there are plenty of meds for these problems, I relied on the doctor to keep me from being totally miserable. In addition, I have bought/tried/and even lost some weight on a variety of diets but never without great discomfort and little lasting effect. The point being, food has always been the enemy!

    As I watched Gillian recommend a fresh diet of impossible variety for people of every size, shape and age, I thought why not? I’ve tried everything else! I call it eating out of the refrigerator. It is not a diet! I don’t count anything; calories, portions, combinations of foods. I simply eat fresh with the addition of fish, chicken, seafood, olive oil and bran. In 5 months I have lost 4 dress sizes, have an average blood pressure of 110/68, have stopped taking altogether meds for cholesterol, not one episode of diverticulitis and my bowels are amazing!!

    Everything that goes in comes out in a timely, pain-free manner. I swim and walk now when I never had the energy or inclination before. In other words, I am the master of my own body, health and well being after 60 years of misery. There is nothing I CAN”T eat (even nuts) but there is a lot I don’t eat; mostly “beige food”.

    Thank you Gillian McKeath!! Why do we all make something so easy so hard? It is nothing short of a miracle! My new favorite food is roasted white beets……along with the occasional bit of caviar and Champagne. Life is good and what “You Are What You Eat” has done for me is something I didn’t think possible.

    Most Sincerely,
    Karen – Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I am so thankful for the work you do. It finally makes sense to me why it?s so hard to lose the weight. Until you came along, I didn?t realize what I was doing wrong.

    I am thoroughly enjoying the TV shows here in the States. So much can be learned from watching each one. Thanks for helping us all live healthier lives.


    Dear Gillian,

    I just wanted to share with you how much I enjoy your show as well as your intelligence and audacity. I am so excited about the profile I just received and will peruse it carefully.

    I don’t watch a lot of TV, but your show has been a favorite of mine this summer. I feel so blessed to have “met” you this summer via TV. Your “common sense” approach coupled with wisdom and compassion is somewhat of a novelty in today’s hectic world–because you tell it like it is, something many people will not do.

    Again, thank you for reaching so many people and for knocking some sense into our heads about HOW to take better care of ourselves.

    Aledo, Texas

    Dear Gillian,

    please come to America!

    We are a fat, alcoholic nation that is killing itself with fast food and a lazy, unhealthy lifestyle. I should know – my roommates and I fit that mold perfectly. All four of us watch your program on BBC America and we think you’re amazing and what you do for people is inspiring and selfless.

    I want to say thank you for inspiring me to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle….I’m off to go find your book right now and hopefully start on your diet.

    Wish me luck!

    Dear Gillian,

    I watch your show here in Atlanta Georgia and love it!

    Your concerns, help and expertise is phenominal.


    Dear Gillian,

    I’d like to say a massive Thank-you for your books and inspiration. I’ve been working withe the recipes in You are What You Eat for a few years now, and over the last 6 months i’ve been trying to completely abstain from sugar which i found impossible until i bought your book – Ultimate Health Plan, and now i’ve been abstinent from sugar for a whole month and still going strong. i love the ordliness of it all.

    I feel like through your books, you are teaching me how to feed myself well, and helping my transition to a more healthier happier way of life , at last. And i feel like i am receiving the kitchen mothering i didn’t have before. And the other best thing is that virtually all the ingredients in the recipes are acceptable for my current diet plan, which is based on a philosophy called Natural Nutrition.

    Massive Thank-you, and many blessings,

    Dear Gillian,

    I want to thank you for all the work you do. I used to think that my diet was fairly healthy. I grew up with eco parents on wholegrains and lots of fruit and vegg. what I hadn’t realised was that once I went to high school and discovered soda and vending machines (and later at uni booze and late night kebabs) I started adding tons of crap to the healthy basis. When I saw your programmes I thought well yes, that’s all nice and good, but maybe a bit extreme, cutting out all the cake etc. and after all I was all smug about my healthy eating.

    but my health was in such a state!! I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia but have since found out that candida albicans is the actual problem, not fibromyalgia. I have since embarked on your lifestyle and enrolled for boot camp and I can already see the difference!

    ..and I love all of your recipes! I used to like beans but never knew what to do with them. boy has that changed. so a massive thank you for putting me on the way to becoming the person I should have been all along!!!!!

    All the best,

    Dear Gillian,

    Thank you for your website and show on TV all the family love it and you are doing so good in the world to promote healthy eating and way of life for all to enjoy. Thank you for your help all the best wished from down under.

    Kind Regards,
    Vennessa, Burswood, Australia

    Dear Gillian,

    how are you. I watch your show and I wanted to let you know that it has great tips and as a result, I have lost 3 stone in 2 months. It’s great!

    Helen, North Wales

    Dear Gillian,

    I would like to a say that watching your show over the summer has inspired me to eat healthier and I am feeling so much stronger with loads of energy. I was going to have a lap band operation this coming fall but I am now rethinking this, thanks to you. Thank you so much!

    Roseanne, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    Thank you very much for these great tips!

    Thank you for all your wonderful work, I am really enjoying Boot Camp, and feel an enormous change in my energy since following your dietary guidelines (with some steps back here and there, but in general progressing very well!)

    Very best wishes,

    Dear Gillian,

    We watch your fantastic programme “You are what you eat” every week. You’ve done so much and helped so many people. Let God bless you for all that, and give you all the best.We have your three books, and we use all the rules. I can tell you we feel much better.

    We wish you all the best, many successes in your life-career.

    Kind regards,
    Jennifer and Daisy, Poland

    Dear Gillian,

    Thank you for your wonderful television program “You are what you eat”. It is horrifying to me that people can poison their bodies the way they do. I could not imagine not eating fruit or vegetables.

    My husband and I having been eating “your” way (lots of fruit and veg, etc) for about 10 years. I have 2 boys, a 4,5 year old and a 2,8 year old. I frequently get asked how I have come my boys enjoy eating fruit and vegetables and how to I get them to eat it – my answer is that I as a mother am responsible for their future health and from the day that they started on solids gave them homemade pureed vegetables and mashed fruit. I believe that we teach our children their eating habits. So I say thank you for waking up the rest of the world and for this

    I applaud you. Keep up the wonderful work You are an inspiration and remind me that I am doing the right thing.


    Dear Gillian,

    I felt compelled to send an email regarding the “You Are What You Eat” television show that I have begun to watch on BBC America.

    Since I started watching about 2 months ago and following some of the food preparations and amounts to eat during the day I’ve dropped 38 lbs!!

    I did this in 2 months! I wanted to say how much I appreciate the show and really wish she would come to the U.S. and have an American version. You have inspired me to live an active healthy life.

    Thank you,

    Dear Gillian,

    I wanted to send an email to tell you of my experience.

    In early July, I took a vacation and had been feeling generally ill. Achey, stressed, tired and about 15 pounds overweight. I had watched your TV show a number of times and purchased you book, You Are What You Eat several months earlier.

    I’d flipped through the book but not read it cover to cover. Well, on Wednesday, after several days of sleeping in, thinkinking I should feel better and not. I decided “what the heck”, I’m going to give it a try. I went to the market and purchased a supply of fresh fruits and berries, fresh veggies and some salmon and organic chicken breast and health nut bread.

    I started on my eating plan. I am now 18 days into my plan. I’ve lost 11 pounds, feel less tired and stressed and my mind feels clearer than it has in years. I have so much energy and I feel so much happier. I know that it is the eating plan that is really helping me and I want you to know that I appreciate the information you share.

    Thank you.

    Dear Gillian,

    I bought your book and so far have made all of the soups they are absolutely delicious. Thank you for such healthy nutritious and gorgeous recipes.

    I also watched your TV programme where you really helped people change their eating and their lives. Thank you for all of that.


    Dear Gillian,

    This is the start of something great! Sometimes you just don’t know what’s going to motivate you to do something that’s going to change your life.

    While out shopping with my sister, Lisa, today she began talking about your show, “You are what you eat”. We were lauging about how you use the word “poo”. I had never seen the show and Lisa had me in hysterics listening to her stories about your tv show. As we were leaving the parking lot were saw a “Borders” bookstore.

    I said “Let’s go see if she has a book”. We went into Borders, and well that’s when it happend. As we started to look at the book we got each other really motivated to try this. We looked at the menus and the recipies and said to eachother, “we can do this”.

    There we were in Borders, looking at each other’s tongues, behind our ears, and beneath our lower eye lids. The only thing we didn’t do was examine each other’s poo! Well we left Borders with the last two copies of your book and headed to the grocery store to purchase what we would need for the first 3 days of your menus.

    When we got home we brought everything to Lisa’s house. We think we can stay on track if we keep each other motivated. Tonight I’m going to settle down with a nice warm glass of lemon water and your book. I look forward to the journey, new taste bud experiences, and a healthier lifestyle.


    Dear Gillian,

    I also would like to share that I have lost 10 pounds, (I am now 135 pounds, yeah for me!), but more importantly, I feel fantastic. My nerves are gone, and I have better concentration and focus than I have had in years. I can’t believe that I blamed my lack of energy and mental confusion on the standard “I am a busy busy mom” when in reality, all it really was was a lazy way of eating.

    I used to constantly think about what I wanted to eat or feed my family. I have found restaurants that actually have vegetarian options that are out of this world delicious. I have discovered that since I like tuna, greens, garbanzos, corn, etc., that if I like the individual flavors, I can actually put them all in the same bowl and have a meal. What a “duh” moment! And my family doesn?t even realize they are eating better.

    I don’t know if it is because we are eating better and as a result more steady in energy, but I don?t think about breakfast the night before or dinner all day long. I do a little prep work if needed and get on with my life in between meals. And what a life it is! I actually enjoy being active with my kids! Tennis is fun! Swimming is fun! Walking is fun!

    I will continue to watch your program here in America on the BBC station, even if I see them a million times. It keeps me motivated and encouraged to stay on track; why I need to “eat to live” not “live to eat”. And also to choose whole foods and thereby have the energy to play with my kids and hubby. And that’s fantastic.

    Thanks again!!


    Dear Gillian,

    I have been very successful losing almost 20 lbs. I have two other members of my family on the program and they are all doing well. Gillian thank you so much for your help.

    We have bought your books and are using all your recipes and advice.


    Dear Gillian,

    My name is Emiko from Singapore and your book is helping me go through many of my issues concerning my eating disorder. Somehow your method comforts me and day by day I can find myself capable to stick to it.

    So thank you very much for your help and your contribution towards everyone. It is a god send! thank you again for helping me deal with my eating disorder!

    Yours Sincerely,

    Dear Gillian,

    I am hooked on BBC America and you in particular. I have succumbed to the bad eating and have always come back into the light. You are responsible for this final turn of the leaf.

    It has been really difficult but when I watch your show (every day), it strengthens my resolve to continue. Thanks for sharing the truth.

    Keizer, OR

    Dear Gillian,

    I love your show! Your show is a huge encouragement. I have watched your show with my 5 children many times and we have learned so much.

    I believe they listen better with nutritional instruction coming from Ms. McKeith than their Mom. I’m thrilled to see a cookbook available and I’m anxious to order one.

    Thank You,

    Dear Gillian,

    I just wanted to share this with you. I teach a Weight and Your Health class and use your books as the texts. My students love your books and your kind, honest and gentle words (as do I!). I wish I could show you how far they have come by the end of the quarter.

    I just wanted you to know how grateful I was for the work you do.


    Dear Gillian,

    When I started watching your show on BBC America I was defensive about my weight and lifestyle as many are on your program. I soon realized I was only defending my right to die fat and miserable. I had never eaten much fruit. Vegetables, I assumed, grew in tins. Bread, pretzels, ice cream, fried foods of all kinds, fast food and sauces with a gazillion calories were my best friends. Your straightforwardness was repulsive to me at first. But, I thought, who am I really angry with ? I watched several times to see what foods and exercises I could incorporate into my life. I am 66 years old, have arthritis and gout, and noticed a decline in my will to do things and in my libido. These were all things you pointed out to the people on your program.

    The short story is…..in 6 months I have lost 4 stone, with 1 more to go. I walk a lot. My mood and attitude are changing for the better.

    I cannot tell you how much better I feel, both mentally and physically.

    Keep up your wonderful work and thank you for awakening me to what I was doing to myself.

    Memphis, Tennessee, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I was shocked when I watched ? you are what you eat ? last night. I normally eat a lot of rubbish through the day and have struggled to lose a bit of weight but your show has really opened my eyes and I feel really motivated to cut back and eat health now.

    I am going to buy your cookbook too.

    Thank you for opening my eyes and making me see how junk food is so bad for me.

    Yours sincerely,

    Dear Gillian,

    We get BBC here in the states and when we started watching your show, I was horrified at what some people eat in a weeks time. I ordered your book. So far I have made three or four of the recipes.

    We LOVE the sweet potato soup and the apple chicken. It’s our favorite so far. To be honest,I made the sweet potato soup with butternut squash and leek. All of my friends and family who tasted it asked for the recipe. I have two sisters but my one sister who is ten years my junior looks older then I do. She and husband are grossly over weight, so I am going to work on her with your book. I am going to work very hard.

    Thank you for opening my eyes to healthier cooking. Big hug!

    New Jersey,USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I am a swedish “girl” about 48 years old. For the last year I have notice what exercise and eating the real food is doing to your body and mind. Your books are amazing and I follow your food list as much as I can and trying to do some powerwalk several times a week. Your books are great and I learn so much about health and food every time I read them.

    Thank you Gillian You are the best


    Gothenburg, Sweden

    Dear Gillian,

    My name is Andr’e and I’m from California and I wanted to write this letter to tell you how much I love your show! You Are What You Eat. I started on your eating healthy program and I must tell you its been two months now and I’ve not had sugar or red meat! just Fish and Chicken and veggies i follow your plan the best way i can.

    I’ve had so many problems some years ago. About 7yrs ago I had Kidney Cancer they had to remove my right kidney the other is healthy, before that I had thyroid (hyper) then ended up with thyroid storm left me with a 106.4 I made it thru but did have a lost of short term memory.. but hey I”M ALIVE and here. (thanks to my angels that watch over me) after all that has ha pend i feel deep into an “I don’t care” attitude i thought why bother I’m sure something else will go and I’ll be dying soon.

    I really got into a bad ‘FUNK” anyway as a few years moved on I noticed that I’m getting better my check up on my left kidney was 100% I felt a light come upon me.. that day i was checking in the TV programs on the tube and saw your show OH MY GAWD!! it was wonderful to see all those people and there lives and what they went thru and up the street here she comes that’s right folk our angel MS McKeith..

    I hope I did not dull you with all this but i just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I’m doing the best i can but i find there are alot of things i cant seem to find at health food store like aduki beans and a few other items:-)) but I manage pretty well,

    Thank you Ms Mckeith (My Angel) for helping better my life and health.


    Dear Gillian,

    Wow, 8 weeks goes so fast. I just completed my second health profile and was amazed at the progress. This is so worth it. Every day that was tough or I wanted to have that glass of wine or cup of coffee but didn’t, and went for a walk instead was well worth it.

    My dogs have had improvement as well, my previously somewhat overwieght dog is now fit and trim and no longer breathing hard even after a 3 mile hike!

    Everyone that is just starting out all I can say is you will feel and look so much better so quickly, and find that is was a lot easier than you thought..

    Thank you Gillian and staff I am for the first time in years looking forward to the future. I have even started competing in horse jumping again!


    Dear Gillian,

    I have only seen two little clips from your tv programme and they were enough to make me change my ways pronto. That was enough I think. Since then I have changed from three slices of toast each morning covered in butter to a bowl of cornflakes. I am addicted to butter and have given it up. My husband who doesn’t need to lose weight has also decided that we will throw out all our white bread etc, after finally watching a whole programme where we saw the family who ate lots of processed food each week.

    I cannot thank you enough. Hallelujah I feel better already even my workmates have noticed a more positive and cheerful me. Now I know what you mean now I can see the change myself.


    Dear Gillian,

    Just wanted to write you and THANK YOU For your wonderful resolve to change the world! I think It?s HILARIOUS to watch you approaching random strangers and telling them that what they have in their trolley is rubbish. Seriously though, your show has changed my families life. We eat healthier daily and we feel happier and skinnier! Thank you for your WONDERFUL SHOW!!!!

    Emily and family

    Dear Gillian,

    I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying your show “You Are What You Eat”.

    I really have enjoyed your visuals especially (like the pork snouts). Besides having my own internal voice telling me not to eat something I shouldn’t, I have your voice, as well. And it is helping. Thank you! Keep up the good work. My husband and I now have an inside phrase as we walk around – ‘oh, oh there’s a Gillian candidate.’

    Thanks again,

    Dear Gillian,

    I want to thank you for allowing my to get help to loose weight and live a healthier life.

    I watch your show all the time and love it. Thank you again.


    Dear Gillian,

    My name is Jona, and I’m a 40 year old woman from Iceland

    Just recently I bought your product Organic Turbo Greens and the miracle happened; I dont have the urge any more to be constantly chewing on something. That has basically been my problem, always looking for something in the kitchen to eat ;o)

    Best regards

    Dear Gillian,

    So glad I found this site. My friend and I watched your television show over the Christmas holidays and found it very inspiring. We have the books and your cookbook.

    Just wanted to thank you and I look forward to the change in my health over the next few months.

    Peggy Young-Lovelace
    Ontario, Canada

    Dear Gillian,

    I recently read your article in The Mail on Sunday (May 25th 2008) about scoliosis. I found it most informative and interesting.

    I have cut out one phrase that struck me ? Our challenges in life can be our greatest gifts. We can be empathetic and loving to all and pass no judgement. Always laugh out loud. This is the path to wellness on all levels.

    After all you have achieved ? I see aduki beans and quinoa all over the place now, how about some praise for your perseverance in getting the nation to improve their eating habits?

    Best wishes to you and your organisation.


    Dear Gillian,

    I watch you are what you eat everyday!!! it is such an insparation for me…im not over weight, im actually about 110 pounds, but i eat things ALL the time that im not suppose to… but watching the show helps me alot…i have gotten my family to watch it who eat terrible and is now trying to get them to eat a better way for the sake of my 2 young siblings.

    I dont know who is going to read this but who ever does just know that i am so happy that “you are what you eat” is on bbc america because i think that it is the best show ever and you know what you’re talking about and don’t take crap from anyone and i admire that so much!!! sorry for the long email but it takes alot to say THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    New Jersey, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I watch from BBC America – just discovered the show a month or so ago. I love it!

    I have lost about 60 pounds (just over 4 stone) over the past 10 years – and I feel wonderful. I eat healthy and walk every day and would like to lose 2 or 3 stone more. The recipes sound great on the show – do you have a cookbook available?

    Oreland, PA, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I really enjoy your show “You are what you Eat”. It is just absolutely a great show. I cannot believe what people can eat. It totally astounds me. And I know it astounds you too.

    I love to watch you gather all of a persons weekly food intake and put it on that table for them to see. Anyway, this girl with a new lease on life here in California just wanted to tell you that the show rocks!!!!

    Lenore and my Mom……………….

    Dear Gillian,

    The new book is FAB!!! I have all of your various books and this one is really easy to dip in and out of .


    Dear Gillian,

    I watch your two shows on Dish Networks BBC America every afternoon while I’m on my Treadmill and other exercise equiptment in my home gym in my basement…You have turned my life around..I purchased your books & cook books on U.S Amazon website…

    It will take us time but we will progress to our losing weight and becoming radiantly healthy and are following your shopping charts…and all is done with LOVE..and we love you Gillian…

    Thanks Again
    Mrs. Nancy Hill

    Dear Gillian,

    Hi, my name is Annalyse Bayliss. I joined boot camp a few months ago and benefited greatly from the experience.

    I would like to thank the staff and yourself for all your education. I am now in a much better place for it. Again thank you so much for your expert advice and professionalism, it has turned my life around.

    Kindest Regards,
    Mrs Annalyse Bayliss

    Dear Gillian,

    You have not only changed my life, you have inspired me and I feel in the long run saved my life. You are also helping me to help my family, friends, and boyfriend. We are all addicted to You Are What You Eat.

    It’s much easier to resist temptation when I know I’m having to face you @ 4pm on BBCAmerica, 5 days a week. You are my hero!!! Thank you on behalf of myself and my loved ones, and my now very physically fitter dogs.

    Please keep up the good work. Well I better get going, just finished my smoothie and the dogs and I need walking. best of luck and health in all you do,

    Ga. USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I am absolutely crazy about your show!! I think what you do are great! I was also overweight and your show enspired me to loose weight the healthy way – I’ve lost 21kg in 12 months and I’m feeling GREAT!!

    Once again, thank you for a wonderful show –

    Kind regards,
    Nelspruit, South Africa

    Dear Gillian,

    Please come to the US. I am British but live in Dallas so I get my family to bring me books etc when they are coming over.

    I have watched every single episode of you are what you eat on BBC America and now I make my husband eat pumpkin seeds and things high in Zinc!!!!!!!!!!! I have converted all my friends too and forward on emails with interesting stuff.


    Dear Gillian,

    I just wanted to say thank you to you. You have really opened my eyes to what I put into my body and into my families bodies.

    We have changed how we eat and look at food (and poos!…hahaha). I have lost 20 pounds and my husband has as well. It’s not about vanity anymore. It’s about life and being around in 50 years to see my grand kids and great-grand kids.

    I starting watching “You are what you eat” on BBC America some time ago and you are great. You tell it like it is. Have you ever thought of coming here to America? We really need someone like you to whip us Americans into shape!

    Thanks you so much for who you are and what you do. Please keep up the great work that you are doing, saving people from themselves!

    Much Love and Respect,
    Clarksburg, West Virginia, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I watch 2 of your shows everyday on BBCA Channel on DirecTV.

    You are very inspirational to everyone. Please continue with your shows. They help me keep on track everyday, & I learn new things about food.


    Dear Gillian,

    I have read a lot of books:

    Galina Schatalova, Dr. Schnitzer, Dr. Bruker, Dr. Reckeweg, Elisabet von Bingen, Mr. M?ller Burzler, Shigeo Haruyama, Halima Neumann, G. Edward Griffin, Earl Mindell, John Robbins usw.

    But the best of the books is ” You are what you eat”!

    That`s easy to understanding and have very, very good health-informations. I have lost the faith in the doctors. I must only do it.

    Best wishes,

    Dear Gillian,

    I felt at once I started taking Turbo Greens much better energy and my humour picked up after few days went up and I keep smiling about new me. But the biggest changes which is a breakthrough for me is that I do not binge on sugary things anymore which I have done for ever. Sugar has been my drug that has destroyed all my healthy eating plans and diets always and the kilos is now pounding off.

    My son has been taking it as well and he have had problem with his concentration (ADD) and his focus is much better. This combination that you have put together is a miracle for me and most of the people around me that have tried Turbo Greens are totally in love with it.

    Yours truly,

    Dear Gillian,

    I?m a big fan of your show; it?s wonderful to see so many people get such fantastic results from your programs. I?ve bought two of your books (You Are What You Eat and Slim for Life) and have taken away some great ideas for improving my own health; which is why I?m writing to you.

    I used to be a one poo a day, every day, usually by 8am, kind of woman. I was that way for years. My diet has many fruits and veggies, whole grains and nuts, plenty of water, and regular exercise. However, I also have a number of chronic illnesses that require medication, and I suspect the meds are what have done me in. Recently, for many months, I endured chronic constipation.

    Sometimes I wouldn?t go for days, which was painful and made me feel full of toxic goo. After watching your show and reading your books, I decided to try adding 1tsp of whole flax seed to each breakfast (fruit smoothie, hot or cold cereal) and drink one cup of nettle tea each afternoon. I got immediate, positive results. It?s been just over a week of these additions, and I?m now an AT LEAST one poo a day woman. I feel like I?m finally getting rid of months of backup and I see the results of that; clearer skin, less bloat, my weight back to what my normal is (130 lbs for a 5?7? woman), and much more efficient digestion. I am very grateful for having a nutrition fix for my problem.

    I had tried stool softeners and Miralax, both of which were almost useless. Oh, wonderful nettle tea! What a simple solution you are. Thank you for your devotion and passion for healthy lifestyles. You are witty and inspirational, not to mention cheeky and funny. I like honest and direct people, and you fit the bill.

    Best Regards,

    Dear Gillian,

    Thank you for the time and inspiration Ive learned so much from the TV Show, I’m eating better and cutting out that crap and I’ve lost almost 1 and a half stone!


    Dear Gillian,

    I wanted to write and say I’ve been watching you on “You Are What You Eat” and it has brought such an awareness about the foods I eat. It is truly a learning experience!

    I am glad I found the show on our BBC channel and I will continue to watch and learn, keep up the wonderful work and the stories. I hope I can become a successful student by watching these stories and how her determination pushes people into the correct direction to promote better health.


    Dear Gillian,

    I wanted to say hello and a huge thank you for your show and what you are doing to peoples lives. My wife and I have been watching your show thru BBC America on Satellite Dish Network.

    We have completely changed our lives and what we eat because of you and for once in many years I fell really “Alive”!

    Please keep it up.

    Dear Gillian,

    I watch your show on BBC America in Fort Lauderdale florida every day and I think it is wonderful. I wish I had seen it for myself before I had Gastric Bypass surgery about a year ago.I think your plan could have really helped me without the surgery. But I still am using some of your ideas in my day to day life now.

    I also just wanted to say that I think your show is wonderful. You help alot of people who I bet thought to themself that they could never lose that weight. You help save alot of peoples lives and that is a gift from God. Thank you very much for all that you do in this world.


    Dear Gillian,

    I started watching your program a few weeks ago on BBC America, and I really feel you might have saved my life. I am going to go see my doctor on Tuesday for the things I feel is wrong with me just by the clues you have given me.

    All the things I have found out on your show I am going to have blood tests run and I am going to see a nutritionist to help me solve my health issues. Yes I am going to see an American version of our beloved Gillian. I would love to keep you updated and let you know of my progress.

    I want you to know you are not just help your home county but all the way across the ocean in Arizona. I hope you read this, and we can kind of form a friendship and share your health tips and good nutrition ideas with me. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this I know you are very busy breaking the bad eating habits of England?s worst, but I wanted you to know that even abroad You have touched the life of someone that you may never meet.

    A very Thankful American fan,

    Dear Gillian,

    I have been on Boot camp for 5 days now and I feel amazing! I loved shopping for the new foods, cooking up everything and following the easy eating plan. I have had a few cravings but they settled after a lovely cup of herbal tea.

    I actually had the energy to fly a kite with my kids AND have got up at 6am today wanting to do exercise!! This has not happened in years! I am so motivated and look forward to my daily emails!

    Thank you so much for helping me focus on what i need! A bonus is I’ve lost 2.6kg BUT the best bit is my waist has melted!! And my legs feel so much smoother!!! Bless you all!!


    Dear Gillian,

    Thank You so much for the information. If Gillian ever decides to come to the US, then let me know. I appreciate it very much! I am a fan of Gillian and her work, I have never seen anyone completely change someones life as she has.


    Dear Gillian,

    My daughter is your biggest fan by far she has watched (and made me her Mum and her Aunt) watch re runs of your shows again and again! Georgia is ten years of age and is totally enthralled with you. She is a fairly healthy girl but does like her blueberry muffins!

    She would love more than anything to meet you and does nothing but go on about it, today she has asked me if she could meet you for her 11th birthday, she says she doesn’t want anything else but to meet you.

    At this time she is making me one of your recipes, its a secret so im not allowed to peep but think its got something to do with fruit and yogurt, well it wouldn’t be blueberry muffins would it! I don’t know if you will get to read this email but at the outside chance that you do, a reply would make her year.

    Thank you for listening.

    Kindest Regards,

    Dear Gillian,

    I want to thank you so much for all of your help! Me and my mother have been on your plan for almost a month now, and we have successfully began to “eat ourselves thin”!

    So far, my mother has lost five pounds and I have lost seven and one inch from my waist. . You’ve got me brainwashed, Ms. Gillian, and in the best possible way! Me and my mom absolutely LOVE your food! It’s so tasty and so fresh, and we feel great after eating it, and working out has become like a drug to me; I’m addicted, and I have to get it every day.

    Well Ms. Gillian, I just wanted to give you an update on how we are doing and to give you the thank you that nothing can express.

    Love, Mikaela

    Dear Gillian,

    I have lost 80 lbs. in the last year. I used to weigh 236 lbs. and eat badly. I did not feed my family well either. We ate out of boxes and fried foods.

    I now weigh 157 lbs. and my family and I eat healthy meals. We eat whole foods and try new recipies all the time. I am writing to tell you that I enjoy your show on bbc and learn something new from each show.

    I plan on using your products when I am financially able. I admire your character and belief in health. You have inspired me to move forward and lose the remaining 33 lbs. I am going to purchase a juicer as well. I now understand the benefits of this untapped resource.

    I never realized the nutritional value of fruit’s uneaten parts. I want to thank you for being an inspiration. I will continue to watch the show and look for new ideas.


    Dear Gillian,

    I love you. I idolise your show and want to know more. I want to be JUST LIKE YOU.

    I drive all my friends? crazy teaching them everything you teach me on your show and in your books! THANKYOU!


    Dear Gillian,

    My husband and I watch your show everyday here in the USA. We have been following your “lifestyle” for 4 weeks now and the inches are melting away! We love the food.

    I got your book, Slim For Life, at the library and it is wonderful. We have been on a mission to convert all our friends away from WeightWatchers!


    Maria and Joseph
    York, Maine, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    You are awesome. I have TIVO’d the program and watch them back to back. I can’t get enough. I am a nutritional counselor here in Maryland and am loving what you are preaching! Finally, the truth!! Thank you thank you!!!!

    America needs you! Please come! And if you ever are giving trainings here, or need people on your team here in America, count me in!!! What an amazing thing you are doing. I can’t gush enough.

    You are healing people the “right way.”

    With much respect and admiration,

    Dear Gillian,

    I am a huge fan of you, your show, your book and your healthy living guide! I am hoping that you bring your show to America! I have friends in the UK who adore you (Poo samples and all!), but I think a special American edition would be so beneficial to those of us who are obese! America will be more of a challenge for you! I am sure that the American diet will be more difficult to break or change. More food addicts in the states!

    I would just like to tell you “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart! I love your show and have learned so much from you! I feel I am more equipped when I visit my doctor! I have told him to check my liver because of examining my poo(not for long- just enough to gather info!). And a great Big Thank You because of you and your show, my 11 year old daughter is much more mindful of what she eats! You have been a life saver!

    Hope to see you on American television very soon!


    Dear Gillian,

    Its taken me a long time to finally wake up, thanks to Gillian I have. What did it for me was the first show I watched and she put the weeks worth of food infront of the clients…I near got sick just looking at it and realizing I ate alot of what I seen their……….god help me. That was one of my wake up calls for sure.

    I have played with the books recipes for about three weeks before I did my profile and lost 10 lbs so it is working in more ways than one.

    I Thank you again for taking the time, I will let you know of my progress.

    Dear Gillian,

    I’ve purchased every book that is in print, I’ve joined the web site and taken the survey. I’ve set up a plan and hired a personal trainer. I’m ready to go for this 100%. I’m quite excited actually.

    Also thank you for your TV show, books, website etc. I can not wait to see the new me and start living my new life

    Bye for now,

    Dear Gillian,

    Hi, just want to say how much I LOVE you and your no-nonsense approach. You’re tough, but not without compassion, and that is very good to see. Thanks for such inspiration, Gillian! Hope you’ll come stateside sometime and blow us all away in person:) [Lord knows we need it!!!]. Bye!


    Dear Gillian,

    I’ve seen your show and I adore you. If you’re ever in San Jose, California, you are most welcome to come to our home for a good meal.

    I hope you like Caribbean food.

    Take good care of yourself.


    Dear Gillian,

    I am a 32 year old woman living in Cape Town, South Africa. I just wanted to let you know that your show is fantastic. It is inspirational, I love the way you get people to get their asses into gear! Now I know what to do to get into shape ? ditch the chocolate and fast food!

    Thanks again for a stunning show!

    Dear Gillian,

    Thank you for your quick response and thank you for the complimentary Health Profile. I do have ?You are what you eat cookbook? and ?You are what you eat.? Will check out the others.

    I have also spoken to my friend and owner of our local health food store and she is ordering your book along with an order of Aduki beans for me?I took my book to her and she loved it.

    Would love to see other shows as I believe I have seen all of them. Thank you again for educating me on the right foods to eat.


    Dear Gillian,

    I’m brazilian, so … first of all… sorry for my terrible english! I usually watch your shows at TV and … wow … “HOW I WISH YOU WERE HERE” ….

    You are our salvation army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thousand kisses.

    Dear Gillian,

    Just watched you on Jonathan Ross. Very funny but I was impressed at your dedication to your beliefs and respect that. (was very scepital before .. thought you are a bit too slim to eat the food you recommend ….)

    Thank you in advance,

    Dear Gillian,

    I have just watched the Johnathan Ross show where you were a guest (shown,2 march,01.30am). I truly respect what you are doing.

    I like to watch you on tv but really dont know how you deal with the ‘poo thing’ haha. There should be more people like you attatched to the goverment dicision makers for food regulations etc.

    You have my respect and thanks. Keep going and pound your word home. If at least one person changes their lives around it will have been worth it.

    Warm Regards

    Dear Gillian,

    My name is Jason, im 21 years old and live in Essex. I would like to say thank you very much for making me aware of why a healthy lifestyle is important and informing me of what not to eat and what to eat.

    I have watched you on TV programs such as You Are What You Eat, and the TV appearances you have, such as the Jonathan Ross show last Friday with great fascination.

    I am a bit of a fan of yours, and agree that a lot of what you say makes sense to me and your knowledge and expertise in absolutely fantastic.

    You get good results for people on tv (you are what u eat).


    Dear Gillian,

    I am huge fan of your show You Are What You Eat. I truly believe that you could definitely help me and my family. I was wondering have you ever thought about taking your show international?

    I know of millions of us in America that could benefit from your tough, no holds barred approach to health and fitness. If you ever come to America I would love for our family to the be your first success story.

    A true fan

    Dear Gillian,

    I have been watching your show You are what You Eat for a few weeks now. I have to say that I absolutely love it…. And since I have been watching the show, my boyfriend is much more concise about what he is eating, and so am I.

    You have been such an inspiration that he has put down the pizza and pasta and we are on our way to much healthier eating.


    Dear Gillian,

    Hi! I live in central Florida in the US and absoultely love the You Are What You Eat t.v show. I have recently joined Gillians Club and look forward to a more healthy lifestyle. I have been following the Slim For Life book and just love it. I refer back to it daily for ideas and recipes.

    Also any chance of having a show made here in the U.S. I think it would be great!!!!!


    Dear Gillian,

    By the way I love the show and have been completely inspired by it. I have already gone to great lengths to change my diet. Thank You


    Dear Gillian,

    I just had to say thank you for a wonderful performance at “Jonathan Ross’ Friday Night”. I had seen parts of your shows and I thought – well, she is a toughy, but your comment on this matter put things into perspective and I can understand so well.

    I had a giggle of a lifetime about the reactions caused by your comment. I might not have been very humble at that moment, but sometimes it is nice to feel a wee bit superior to all those celebs who seem to have it all, but can’t face their own poo;)

    Thus, a big thank you, and all the best to you

    Warm regards,

    Dear Gillian,

    I just happened across your program and it really made an impact. I am now picturing my food intake for a week spread out over the dining room table. It makes me ask myself what each meal would contribute. I can picture how much green is on that table versus white fried foods. Very, very helpful.

    Thank you,

    Dear Gillian,

    I’m an avid fan of your show, You Are What You Eat, and watch it daily. I have also purchased two of your books…You Are What You Eat and also You Are What You Eat Cookbook.

    Incidentally, I am really enjoying your plan. I always did eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, but apparently I wasn’t doing it properly. I wish you were in the United States so you could show people like me exactly what I’m doing wrong.

    Thank you for your help and your inspiration to people like me. I knew about macrobiotics years ago, but never really understood much about it.

    Wishing you many heart felt blessings,

    Dear Gillian,

    Thank you so much. I like the site and how in depth it goes into a person’s life and diet. And explaining a lot of what the foods on the lists helps. I love how it breaks everything down.

    Thank you so much again.

    Dear Gillian,

    I don?t know if this is the right forum (email), but I am soooooooooooo excited!

    I?ve been watching ?You are what you eat? on BBC America, and even though I was pretty good about my food intake (quality not quantity), no sodas, no fried foods, very rare occasions of red meat, lots of veggies, no fast foods, I have not been feeling at my best. Note: I?m about to turn 50 (yeeeeaaa!) I was 158 lbs overweight, now only 140 (baby steps), I am diabetic and work 1 full-time & 2 part-time jobs as well as taking care of my mom.

    I?ve been trying to lose weight for 30 years, but all of a sudden what Gillian says makes sense to me & clicks because it follows my belief system, I just have never had the proper tools. I started the plan on 02/25/08, followed it religiously for 2 days & then followed it with modifications for 2 more days because, due to my schedule, I was not able to prepare the necessary foods (weekend job).

    And here it is Friday, February 29, 2008, and I can?t believe the change! I have been sleeping a more restful sleep for the past two nights & this morning I woke up with such a burst of energy as I haven?t felt since before I became diabetic. My blood sugars have gone down 10 pts every day since I started and I am craving water, something which shocked everyone in my family, because I won?t go near the stuff unless it?s in ice tea.

    I can?t wait ?til tomorrow to do some exercise, prepare my food & look forward to how I?ll be feeling in 8 weeks! Thank you so much!!!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Dear Gillian,

    Thank you so much. I have searched for answers for years. I am definitely signing up, this afternoon. I have learned so much from You are what you eat.

    My husband is 63 I am 51 we were both raised on Texas Ranches and grew up with a wide variety of fresh meats, fruits and vegetables. So, eating healthy is no problem for us.

    I am looking forward to trying new recipes. It has been frustrating for me because I don’t eat anything close to what the people eat on the show consume and can’t lose weight. This has given me my first hope in years. As for the gluten I have avoided it for 5 years now.

    Occasionally I slip, maybe a couple of times a year and I have notices the psorisis is almost clear and just a simple hamburger will irritate it.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Have a blessed day,
    Billie Jean

    Dear Gillian,

    I have only been following your book You are What You Eat for 3 weeks and there is already a remarkable improvement in energy , well being, and weight loss —from 184 pounds to 174 pounds (I am 5′ 11 and 59 years old.) I am at the 80 – 20 compliance level, working towards the 90 – 10 level.

    It is incredibly easy to follow your regime, I don’t feel hungry or have any cravings, and the results are very noticeable.

    Thank you.

    Dear Gillian,

    I just wanted to tell you I think YOU ARE AWESOME! I thoroughly enjoy your show You Are What You Eat. I watch it on BBC America. I am just now checking out your website and am going out tomorrow to get one of your books.

    I wish you would come to my house. I quit drinking diet soda and lost weight, quit drinking coffee because I was using too much half and half (the thought makes me sick now of course) and no high fructose corn syrup. I have 2 small children and shop at the co op.

    My husband is even enjoying your show. ( he was horrified the first time he heard you ask for a “poo sample”) I just read something about the show being canceled~ please tell me that is a bunch of rubbish, old news or a misprint!? I will read on and sign up for the newsletter.

    I just wanted to tell you how much I admire you and enjoy your show!

    Take care,

    Dear Gillian,

    HI, my name is Amber, I am from Farmerville,LA. and am 35 years old. I was home sick with strep throat yesterday and ran across your show. I LOVED IT! I had never heard of some of the things you talked about, like; The tongue being smooth means its healthy and all the Poo talk – I just couldn’t write fast enough so I missed some of the info:(

    I did a search today online to find your website so before I get into searching your site over for information I wanted to email and tell you how much I did enjoy your show, Keep up the good work because of you and your education we fat people may lose a little weight.

    I am going tomorrow to be checked for diabetes’s, I have thyroid trouble already and high BP I am 5’5 and weight in at 285 any help from you would be great.

    Thanks again and God bless you,

    Dear Gillian,

    My family faithfully watches “You Are What You Eat”. We have learned a lot just by watching how you help unhealthy Britains change their diets and turn their lives around. My mother will no longer allow us to have white bread, my little sister and I are not allowed to buy school lunch, we no longer have sodas except on a rare occasion and that is only for a treat.

    We eat fresh fruit, are only allowed to have 100% fruit juice with our lunches and we read labels. We also try to watch for high fructose corn syrup and stay away from that as much as we can.

    My typical lunch will consist of a salad, either an orange or strawberries, and either fruit juices, vitamin water, or Propel water. I will sometimes take cheese or make a turkey sandwich. Some of my friends have begun to harass me (but in a friendly way) telling me I will turn into a rabbit before long while others beg me to bring them lunch as well.

    We started this healthy way of diet because every member of my family has begun to have health problems. In order not to compound them with poor diet, we’ve made a radical change.


    Dear Gillian,

    I am a 19 year old college student in Melbourne, Florida, USA and ever since I first watched You Are What You Eat I’ve slowly started changing the way that I eat and looking at labels a lot more.

    I’m hoping that my family follows. Quite frankly I think that I’ve watched the show so much that I stop when I’m looking at my mom’s shopping list and just sigh and I think that I’m annoying her and my brother every time I tell them “That’s not good for you.” My Boyfriend even laughs when I tell him that I’m not eating chocolate (as much), because my mother and grand mother love their chocolate and I was picking up that habit.

    Now, since I watched the Death By Chocolate episode I rarely, if at all, eat chocolate. I already ate pretty healthy and maintained a stable weight, more weight than I want but my doctors told me that I’m very healthy even though working out hurts due to health issues beyond my control.

    I have 3 ruptured disks in my lower back due to a genetic thing, and just changing my diet with the information that I’ve learned from the show has helped. I just wanted to say that I do love your show and I always watch my recorded episodes before I go to bed at night when my day is done.

    Thank you for your time,

    Dear Gillian,

    Your Show is AWSOME!!! I live in Los Angeles, CA and have been interested in nutrition for quite awhile.

    You have inspired me to finally get down and start my path to become a nutritionist. I really wish we had a show like yours in the United States. We could really use you here!


    Dear Gillian,

    This is just to say thank you for having such a wonderful online site and the two payment options. This profile is encouraging and educational in how my body needs to be nurtured. I enjoy the show very much and recently ordered your book and have now completed the Personal Health Profile.

    I have had a difficult time finding a diet that used many things I’d love to eat more of if I just knew how to incorporate these more often in our menu. I always appreciate the fact that so much of the food is raw or vegetables, grain and fruits.

    I find so many diets find the main source of protein and ingredients from meat which I don’t enjoy. I am a fan of fish and hope to learn more about cooking it. Your show and book both inspire me and I am thrilled to have found this portal to good health and fun with real foods.

    Keep up the good work and I am pleased you are one more person who can help change the worlds attitude to food.


    Dear Gillian,

    HAIL, Gillian McKeith!! I have a massive thank-you to say to you. I have been following your 28 day ‘bum diet’ that was featured in the Daily Mail last month. It is day 27 for me and I have lost 1 1/2″ from my hips and my thighs are noticeably slimmer too. Friends think I have dropped at least a dress size and indeed, I have been able to put on a pair of jeans that have been in the back of my wardrobe for ‘a few years’.

    I have not found the diet completely easy as I love sweets. I have always had a healthy diet for the majority of the week BUT I also love to eat some unhealthy food too. Having said that, I have stuck to your regime. For me, one of the best things is that I have NEVER been hungry on this diet. In fact, there are times when I have said ‘OH NO. I HAVE TO HAVE A SNACK SOON’ For someone with a healthy appetite, it has been a huge boost not feeling as if I’m starved.

    (I intended not to waffle and I feel that I am now but there is one more thing I’d like to add before I get onto my questions) I didn’t start this diet being huge. I was a size 12, was in proportion and I didn’t have huge hips either. I also love exercise and in particular, aerobics. I have tried so many diets and done lots of exercise, all TO NO AVAIL.

    Most diets seem to work for very large people (if they put the effort in) simply as there is SOOO much weight for them to lose. They see results fairly quickly. This is the first time I have found something that works for ‘more normal’ sized people (results were noticeable within days) and I am telling everyone about it.


    Dear Gillian,

    Sorry to be emailing you. I have bought the US version you are what you eat and Slim for Life. I watch the program (YAWYE) on the BBC America channel here in the US.(Louisiana to be exact) I’m a huge fan and watch the show quite religiously.

    At the moment I am making much more healthy food choices (recommendations from book) and I rebound (mini trampoline) every day 30 mins twice a day or sometimes 1 hr first thing in the morning.


    Dear Gillian,

    I am new to foxtel here in Australia, and have absolutley loved your show so much, that I had to find you on the web.

    I live with a person who eats unhealthy & your show has made him stop eating a few foods instantly. Congratulations. I have only been trying for about 8 years *smiles*


    Dear Gillian,

    Good evening,

    By the way, LOVE LOVE LOVE your show.

    With many thanks,

    Dear Gillian,

    Please no matter what keep up the excellent work and I hope your show continues for years to come. I find the show if nothing else very helpful.


    Dear Gillian,

    My name is Piotr. I am 33 years old. I live in a little village in Poland, together with my wife Kate and two sons Albert and Adrian. We are happy and we lead quiet live. I have been your fan.

    I really admire you and I think you are very good in that what you do. I was wandering if you could. Send me your autograph. I would be grateful.

    Thank you in advance.

    Your sincerely,

    Dear Gillian,

    Please come to the US! With 1 in 3 adolescents overweight or obese (and God knows how many adults!) & Coke as pratically our national drink, we need you! and, while many people are watching your show on bbc america, you are missing millions of people who need you.

    thanks for your time and keep up the good fight.

    with love,


    Dear Gillian,

    You are my Hero!! I see what you do for others and I am quite an admirer of your methodology, thinking and approach.

    Yours truly,

    Dear Gillian,

    I’ve become a loyal viewer of your excellent show. Moreover, your show has helped me encourage my partner to make a major lifestyle change! My begging and pleading was useless until he began watching your show, and now he is far more receptive to eating healthier and exercising with me.

    I can not tell you how difficult it was for me attempting to make healthful changes while my partner continued to eat, and tempt me, with bad foods. This has all changed. He now records your show during the day so that we can watch it together when we get home from work.

    Mrs. McKeith, as you probably know the USA has a serious issue regarding obesity and it is only getting worse. I firmly believe that you would be able to make a difference, as you have with so many people in the UK.

    What this country needs is a swift kick in our FAT pants and your expertise is just what we need! So please do consider brining your show to the USA, or partnering with a network to replicate your show.

    Keep up the great work, and THANK YOU!


    Dear Gillian,

    Firstly can I say what a huge fan I am of your work. Your television show and books have taught me a great deal about what I put into my body.

    Before I first watched your show I used to have a terrible diet, and I am very grateful for the things I have learnt from you.

    Best regards,

    Dear Gillian,

    I feel so great on this new regimen! I’ve recommended it to nearly everyone on my email list here in the States. I hope to generate more business for you. This is too good to keep to myself!

    Thank you again,

    Dear Gillian,

    I watch BBCA on Direct TV (satellite) all the time. The Britt’s are more creative then Americans for entertainment.

    Recently, I have fall in love with you show, “You are what you eat”. And I need help. Can you come to America and I can be on your show?


    Dear Gillian,

    I bought your recipe book and “You Are What You Eat” about a month ago. I’d lost 30 lbs on my own, and wanted to take control of my health more. I don’t have high blood pressure, and my cholesterol is “rock star” as my doctor says, but I knew I wasn’t healthy enough. I’d been looking for a book to tell me WHY I should be eating foods, what does what for me, for a long, long time.

    Unfortunately everything out there seems to be saying ridiculous things (no calories! no carbs! no fat! don’t eat fruit it’s high in sugar!) and I didn’t want to go blindly down the dangerous road of not eating some things which I knew perfectly well were good for me, just because some random person told me not to. I’ve always wanted to know how to eat NUTRITIONALLY, not low-fat, etc.

    I started my “new nutritional life” about a month ago, and while I don’t eat 100% the way the book says, I do do it about 80-90% of the time, and I feel FANTASTIC! I took out my scale for the first time in a few weeks (after reading that weight really shouldn’t be a focus on my getting healthier, which I totally agree with) and found that I’d lost 5 lbs in January…

    So, I guess what I really wanted to say is I think this whole way of life makes a lot of sense, and I’m even encouraging others in my office to get healthy too. One of my co-workers now has the two books I have and she’s noticed a difference. I’ve started a walking club at work, and we’ve walked almost 40kms so far. Personally, I’ve walked almost 300kms in the past 1.5 months.

    I’m on my way to a new me, and I owe a lot of it to Gillian! I’m a Gillian Girl!


    Dear Gillian,

    You are a godsend! Who wouldn’t want to eat the best foods for best health? I have always loved the foods suggested on your “diet”. I have enjoyed several of your recipes especially the chickpea burgers.

    I noticed an immediate change in my health, energy and yes can we say pooh! I understand this is a dramatic change for so many people (including myself) but beans, nuts and seeds really are the way to go! My partner has a hard time because they love the choc-ies.

    I wish you continued success!

    Respectfully yours in health and happiness,

    Dear Gillian,

    I would like to thank you for being so inspiring. I have a 3 month old son and live with a father who is diabetic and has high blood pressure among other ailments. Before your show came into our living room it was mainly meals out of a box and whatever was quick and easy. As you can imagine that meant almost nothing fresh or fruits or veggies. It also meant I didnt bother trying anything new for fear of disliking it.

    I ended up not being able to work due to pregnancy complications and that is when I found your show. I realized that I never thought about what i ate or how it affected me or my family. Since having my son I have truelly opened my eyes ate how I was taking care of myself and how my father was taking care of himself as well.

    I did an online BMI test and it showed that I was headed dangerously toward morbid obesity and that my father was already there. Well whether my father liked it or not one day when we went grocery shopping I spent over half an hour in the produce department picking things out! (granted I didnt know what half of it was let alone how to cook it) I have been trying and succedding at eating much healthier. though I still struggle with the sweets I found today that when I had a bite of chocolate after going several weeks without, that it actually tasted burnt to me! I am trying to follow your principles but havent been able to follow all of them because I havent read your book yet. For the past several days I have had a smoothie first thing every day and for about two weeks now have gotten rid of most all red meats and prepackaged meals from my diet and already notice a difference. I now shop at a local whole foods market and am truelly enjoying it. My son seems to have much more spark too as I am breastfeeding.

    I cannot wait for your cookbook to reach the U.S. so that I can try your recipes out. My father is even interested in your cookbook just from watching you on t.v. I do worry though because even as a diabetic he still buys and eats LOTS of sweets and coffee. You have inspired me to be healthier and are actually starting to have a positive affect on my dad now too. (he will watch your show with out complaint and on his own will now)

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for being you and being so wonderful. If it wasnt for you I would not have ever known what I was actually eating. I have more energy, am not as tired(when my son lets me sleep at night), my skin looks better, and I feel much better now. I have even discovered new foods that I like now that I never knew about before. I eagerly anticipate the U.S. arrival of your wonderfull cookbook. I owe you more then you will ever know.

    With greatest respect and admiration,
    Marie, United States

    Dear Gillian,

    My husband is eating more veggies than he has in his entire life, and loving it. My husband feels fabulous, as do I.

    Thanks again,
    Mary Jo

    Dear Gillian,

    I am in the USA & I am somewhat following your ” You are what You eat” concept.

    So far I have lost 10 lbs. I want other people in the USA to see your show. For their health.

    P.s. I already promote your book to everyone I see. When I go shopping. Which is every week.


    Dear Gillian,

    I watch you every morning when possible on BBC America. I am a retired intensive care nurse and have learned so much more about nutrition by watching your show!

    I have been troubled by “stomach/digestive problems” for some time and the dr. could never find a reason for the distress after conventional testing.

    I bought your book and read the instructions about “not drinking fluids with meals” and have suffered much less problems since doing so.

    Thanks for all your insight and information.


    Dear Gillian,

    I must confess, I just love your show at BBC America! I have a great time, a very funny time watching you!

    I love your method and yes, I think some people do need that “wake up call”. I’ve been eating so, so much better after I got addicted to your show!

    Anyway, I just want to say thankyou!


    Dear Gillian,

    I just wanted to tell you what a big fan my husband and I are.

    We love your show, which airs 4-5pm here in the United States. We eat dinner watching your show. My brother who is a health fanatic, was home recuperating from minor shoulder surgery, when he tuned into You are what you eat. Well he’s been hooked on the show ever since. He called me to tell me about this show which airs on a British News station called You are what you eat, and that I had to tune in.

    I did and I’ve been hooked on the show myself.  I think you’re quite a character. My husband who happens to be in great physical shape, loves his sweets, gravies, sauces, diet cola, he just happens to be one of the few people who eats whatever and doesn’t gain any weight.

    I’m not as fortunate, I’ve been stuggling with weight my whole life.  Not obese, 15-20lbs we’re both lucky to have physical jobs, we’re both letter carriers, 20 years for myself, 30 for my husband.

    We’ve revamped our whole diet. Tons of green veggies, kale, swiss chard, bok choy, rabe, broccolli, brussell sprouts, cabbage. We’re eating more fruit, we would have apples and oranges.  Now, mango’s papaya, kiwi, avacado’s. Lot’s of grains and much more fish.

    When we see the great foods lying on the display table that you always present, we started buying all of those kinds of food.  We’ve eliminated diet soda and any artificial sweetners from our diet.  We cannot believe the difference in how we both feel. I’ve lost 8lbs in 3 three weeks.

    I have more energy, after work, and that’s after walking for 6 hours. We’re snacking on raw peppers, fennel, carrots, celery, and loving it. I’m making veggie drinks, and smoothies.  I hope we never go back to eating the rubbish we ate in the past.

    I feel ALIVE!!! Thanks Gillian.

    Mary Jo

    Dear Gillian,

    I have recently purchased your book and from the 1st January have been introducing new foods everyday – I feel fantastic and have lost 8lbs!!

    I’m eating more and have much more energy. Most of all my asthma and sinuses is completely cleared!! For my sweet tooth I’m eating the health bars with yogurt in them from the health shop are they OK in moderation?? and Juicing I’m even loving carrot juice in the mornings.

    Most of my meals have no added sauces at all eg oily fish (tuna) and beans with qunua I have not idea how to make a nice sauce used to dress and make my food spicier – i don’t want to buy my usual jars of sauces which are full of sugar.

    I’m worried that all my natural eating as close to it natural organic state will only last for another few months – how or where do I learn to use all these health ingredients and make homemade natural sauces??

    At the moment my diet has completely changed and my partner will not eat any of my foods but he has seen a remarkable difference in my, and I thank you for making me realise there are amazing foods out there that we don’t even know about!!

    thank you,

    Dear Gillian,

    I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your show it is the best. I get so excited when it comes on. I love eating healthy and I know how it feels to want to change others to eat healthy, because we really are what we eat.

    I am finishing school at University of Delaware and I am going to central Arizona for online classes to be a dietetic technician. Then I am going to get a certification in personal training and nutrition.

    Thank you so much for showing the world how great you are.

    Thank you,

    Dear Gillian,

    You are the best nutritionist ever. After I followed your advice in You Are What You Eat, my health, skin, sex life and mood improved drastically.

    So I just wanted you to know that you are great! Keep it up.

    Thank you,

    Dear Gillian,

    My wife and I have kind of let our selves go. I now weigh 230 lbs. I suffer from migraines high blood pressure and now there may be something wrong with my liver. I have two kids that count on there dad to keep the family afloat.

    I do believe your show has changed me for ever. We can honestly see that you really care about the people you are helping. I need your help. just wondering if you have ever thought of doing a show in the united states. More people need to see this show.

    You can help a nation in crisis.

    I thank you for your caring soul.

    Jason D. Temple

    Hi Dawn,

    Please would you let Gillian know that I have now safely received the 2nd prize of signed books

    Thanks you so much for delivering them to me. At first, I’d forgotten they would be signed by Gillian – and as I started to look at them saw her handwriting on each of the first pages. As I thumbed through the books, I felt so honoured to have them and strangely enough felt that she’d written each book just for me.

    As a Health & Wellness Educator myself, I’d like Gillian to know that I think she’s doing the greatest job of spreading this most important nutrition information around the country. Her programmes are most empowering and can only do the good for those who watch – and even more good for those who DO!

    Keep up the good work Gillian and her team.

    Love and Good Health,


    Dear Gillian,

    I LOVE your show!

    And you make me laugh.

    There is significant value in your broadcast. I can sit passively and absorb very useful information and actually enjoy — what really is — a learning experience.

    You’ve figured out away to communicate this information in a fun, effective manner.

    If I had a different life, I’d get my Masters in Holistic Nutrition. Maybe someday.

    I will be tuning in regularly.

    Laverne, USA

    Dear Gillian,

    I am an American viewer that want’s to say Thank You!!!

    I feel that your show could really change the world if more people were aware of the show. I have an over weight mother and for years she has gone up and down in weight.

    I feel that Gillian’s approach is so appropriate and really bare bones honest. Honesty from a place of true love never is negative, and I feel she truly wants to help.

    So thank you. Oh, and by the way, I have never in my 35 years of life ever felt so compelled to say thank you, (via email) but Gillian we Americans could really use your help so I will spread the word, but I hope you take off in BBC America.

    Good Luck and thank you.

    Kind Regards,


    Dear Gillian,

    I just wanted to say a huge Thank You to you.

    I have been following your advice through your books and TV programes and website for the past 2 years and have managed to lose over 6 stone in weight, gone from a size 24 to a size 10 and feel like a different person.

    I am proof positive that your methods work for weight loss and maintainng that loss.

    So thank you for the Love & Light and inspiration you sent into my life.

    Best Wishes,


    Dear Gillian,

    I just wanted to let you know that your show has inspired me to change my life. I am a 36 year old woman, and I weigh about 200 pounds.

    I have been watching “You Are What You Eat” on BBC America, and I finally decided that I wanted to be healthier, more fit, and slim.

    I purchased your book “Slim for Life” and began the program a few days ago. I do not miss the bad foods yet, only my morning coffee.

    Wish me luck!

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Dear Gillian,

    I’m from the USA and love your show, I never miss it! What an inspiration you are!

    I’ve been “meat free” (only eat white fish and salmon on occasion) and am enjoying vegetarian meals, I really love Tofu. Is Tofu healthy to eat on a daily basis?

    I’m going to pick up your cookbook as I need help on ideas. I’d love to know how you make those smoothies with the Avocado in it? I love ricemilk too in hot cereals/oatmeal!

    Thanks as always for your kindness and advice! Warmest regards,

    Florida, U.S.A.

    Dear Gillian,Hello. I sure hope you continue to tape the awesome show “You Are What You Eat” (YRWYE). I believe it’s saving lives

    I am an American (a recent fan of BBC and your programme), and began watching YRWYE about two months ago. I LOVE it! Not only is it hilarious (the announcer and yourself crack me up!), but amazingly informative. I am a health-conscious vegan on a very restricted diet (my choice), and within the last month my husband has begun watching the show with me. At his heaviest, my husband was about seven stone overweight! He’s been losing gradually, and your show has injected him with an interest in good eating that he’s NEVER had before. He walked/ran five miles today and our fridge is filled with such healthy foods, I am truly thankful. He’s lost nearly 30 pounds already and anxious to lose more.

    WE LOVE “You Are What You Eat” and just ordered the cookbook. I’m familiar with most of the foods from the show and those recipes sound delicious! I can hardly wait to try them!

    Note: My husband and I run a youth center in Chicago (we’re on sabbatical until next summer) and I’ve been introducing my students to miso-seaweed soup, veggie stir fry, brown rice, black bean hummus, etc. For the most part, they LOVE it. And people say kids won’t eat healthy! One of our male students weighed 203 at age 11. We’ve had two seven-year-old girls who outweighed me (9+ stone)! Thanks for making a difference! Blessings!

    A. Bailey

    Dear Gillian,What can I say other than I love your shows.

    I am fortunate to live in the country and have access to fresh produce from Farmer’s Markets.

    I want to lose 60 pounds to maintain a healthy, active, lifestyle. My biggest problem is that I love healthy juices and foods but am overwhelmed as far as what to buy, what to eat, how to prepare. I love leeks, I love bok choy, I love Tofu, you name it I’ll eat (almost) anything healthy!

    Thank you for your help – I need it! Hugs (since you burn calories that way!):)

    Niki, Florida USA

    Dear Gillian,I have just watched for the first time – where you move in with the people that youare helping to re-organise their eating habits, I have sat with a huge smile on my face and nearly cried at the end at how well the two “fatties” have done. One was the mum from Scotland and the Vicar from ??? – you are an amazing person and bring home the concept of healthy eating.

    I live in Dubai and watch programmes similar to yours, but I have to say you have got the perfect way with these people. Please pass on to these people that looking at them at the end of the programme to what they were is so wonderful. They looked healthy and glowing and such a positive way of life.

    I was 80.4kgs at 5’9 and was completely disgusted with myself. I am not 69kgs and doing the exercise such as belly dancing and walking in the cooler weather and swimming. I eat as a vegetarian, which for me at one point was sad because here in Dubai the first few years of being here was very difficult and I ended up eating crisps and savouries.

    Now there are more healthy options and it is fantastic living here for the food. I thank you and your team for doing these programmes as it makes me realise that I need to keep up with my exercise regime and healthy eating.

    Kindest regards,


    Dear Gillian,Congratulations!!!!!! to you for “You Are What You Eat”… and the BBC for putting it on TV here in very fat America…

    My wife and I are vegetarians (since 1973) and are not “heavy,” but we still get many great recipes and ideas from watching your program, which we do every day (we record the programs and watch them together at night). Please keep the programs coming!!

    Congratulations again!!!

    Most cordially…

    Harry Griggs

    Dear Gillian,Good morning,

    I am an avid fan of the BBC show “You are what you eat” . I am originally from England but have lived in Phoenix, Arizona for many years. I never miss a show, I absolutely looooove it !!!!! I finally found the book “You are what you eat” & purchased it but I do not need to lose any weight.

    I have weighed 8 stone all my life & think I have eaten healthy, I am 71 years old but dont feel a day over 40 !!!! What I would love to find is a book written by Dr. Gillian with just recipes in. I already seem to thrive on all the healthy foods that she suggests but I would like some different recipes at times.Is there a book with just recipes?

    Thankyou in advance for any information,

    Jenny from Phoenix

    Dear Gillian,I live in the USA I found you’re show on BBC America. You are my guru I was considering the lap band surgery before I started on your plan. I was up to 250lbs at 5ft 4ins. Now I have lost $30lbs. and counting!

    I love eating healthy, right now I am cooking fresh tomato and basil stew with white beans. Mmm yum. Have cut out almost all animal products and am down to one egg a week absolutely no meat. I love it I am energetic and my depression is a thing of the past. My skin is great and my poo’s every day are odorless.

    People ask me if I have a love interest I look so good. Thanks. Here in America our foodstuff has been corporatized. We swallow gallons of pharmaceuticals because we feel bad and yet we continue to eat this garbage. It’s a shame as we have especially in California an abundance of wonderful organic produce.

    I tell everyone about you and encourage others to watch you’re show and join the website. I love it when you show us all the trash we are eating on that table. It really makes an impression, it did for me.

    You saved my life, or rather gave me one.

    Love to you,


    Dear Gillian,hello my name is frank and i am from hamilton, ontario canada.

    a little while ago i emailed you for a autographed picture of Dr Gillian McKeith…

    i got a response back that she was unable to send one… Well yesterday when i got home from work…. I notice a package in my mailbox! I open it up and it was her cookbook and the inside of it was signed by her….i just want to say thankyou very very very very much….

    my wife and myself watch her show regularly and we even imitate her! the entire street knows and even our friends (the fat and out of shape ones)so from the bottom of our healthy hearts thank you once again!

    p.s please tell Dr Gillian McKeith that canada thinks she is GREAT!!!!!!


    Dear Gillian,Oh, my – I hadn’t found this site… I followed your advice and signed into the “club” and found a daily food plan for me… WOW

    thank you again… I am at the Gillian McKeith Club now and have I been educated… I can now print menu’s and even a list to take to the grocery store.. I am in heaven… honestly.

    All I have asked is for help from soooo many places here in Southern California and with no help at all…all these diet centers really don’t do a thing, except give a “pat” diet plan or own their food – which I have not been able to eat due to my allergies.But no one has seemed to care at all…

    Is all this really what I can expect from your program? Your responses – your knowledge… and the help is amazingly educational..! Just knowing that using my inhaler (with the fires here I have been using it daily- not monthly) I know what it will do and how I can hopefully help what the inhalers deplete.

    Thank you again… I love it….. Thank you again and again… I have called a friend who will come over and get my tortillas and such so I can be better equipped to stay on this plan! The sprouts have started sprouting… and besides the air here, I have a real feeling of hope and a more positive idea that I really might be able to accomplish this!

    Again, thank you for advising me to go further into the “club” …
    And I can see an online chat area… WOW…
    I am excited now thanks …so much!


    Dear Gillian,I am from South Africa – Johannesburg, and proud to say that I don’t miss any episode. You have changed my life so that I don’t eat cake, bread or anything bad for you.

    Just wish I had all the recipes that you give to the people you help! They are so fortunate and then they complain!! I get so upset with them – wish I could come and stay in your house and you could show me everything!

    I am not very much overweight – about 5kg – but I don’t eat – and sometimes I don’t eat at all – I know that is bad But I’m starving my body to not pick up weight – bad ye?

    Thanks for your programme
    Greetings from South africa


    Message from Kathie:Dear Gillian,

    I watch your program on BBC America every afternoon. You have inspired me to begin a cleaner leaner lifestyle. I have actually stopped eating meat and dairy also I am now buying only organic foods.

    I am almost through drinking coffee and since I only have one small cup in the morning and am reducing that amount daily I expect coffee will be out of my life as well. read the full story…

    Dear Gillian,I am from hamilton, ontario canada… I just want to say that you are fantastic and I love your show….



    Dear Gillian,My name Is Neo, I live in Botswana which is in Africa.

    You has literally changed my life. I’m 19, and have been active all my life. I did a lot of sport in school, and exercise everyday. I’ve always maintained my weight between 48-50kg, and im even toned, never been fat. But I did not eat properly.

    Because I knew that I would lose the calories, I ate whatever I wanted, sweets, pizza, fat cakes, chips etc. when I first came across You are what you eat, boy was it a kick in the ass. Even though I have a good looking body I was never happy inside. I was depressed, I have oily skin and acne but I never thought that my diet was the source of the problem. I started label reading and I was appalled. I saw emulsifiers, colorants, flavorants, hydrogenated fat and was just devastated.

    I knew immediately that it was my own fault for feeling so low because I have been eating rubbish all a long. The lack of vitamins and other nutrients resulted in some diarrhea and constipation. My hormones were raging and the alcohol contributed a great deal. I don’t look up to my parents, they’re not very good role models but at last I have found one.

    I wish to meet you in person, one day and show my gratitude because you Dr Mckeith gave me the inspiration to add life to my years. With love and utmost respect,


    Dear Gillian,I love your tv show, you give out such great info. Glad we get BBC network here in the States.

    Keep up the good work,


    Dear Gillian,My name is Blair, born and bred in South Africa. My mother has a passion for cooking and so do I.

    Our home has always been a warm and inviting. We plan what to cook as and when we have guests and even if there was no one coming to join us for lunch or dinner, will still prepare all this delicious and tasty food.

    Presentation is one of the things my Mom and I love most. Food must always look good on the plate, even if you only just cooking for one while the rest of the family is away etc. When I was 8yrs of age, my Mom signed me up with the arts and culture school, where I took my dancing lessons and drama. I love and enjoyed what I was doing and excelled very well!

    To me weight has always been an issue because I did not want to gain any weight as dancer which was fair enough. Because I always wanted to stay trim and thin. I would eat and eat until I made myself sick. I use to look forward to food because I knew that at the end of the day I would drink lots of milk, let it settle in my tummy for a while and then go to the toilet to take it all out. I even started eating everything with a glass of milk on the side to make sure that the way the food went down also comes out easily without hurting the pain I use to feel in my heart or chest.

    I made myself sick from the age of 15yrs until I was 29yrs old. Everything that one does to them does pay off eventually. Later in the years I started reacting every time I eat anything that has dairy (guess it’s from the milk I was abusing earlier in the years when I was eating and drinking milk to help me vomit). I started having some strange headaches, ear infection that would ache, vision problems, my menstrual came to a stop still for about 2yrs.

    I went to see the Gynecologist who examined me and put me on some drugs which were horrendously expensive and I did not have the medical at the time. The worse was the dizziness from the strange headaches and earaches. Then went to see the Neurologist, Neurosurgeon, E&NT and the entire specialist I could think off. I went through CAT scan’s and all other scans I could think off and every time it was frighten because my pains were just getting worse by the day. I lived with one of the strangest headaches which were indescribable. I would feel something moving through my scalp in a rotation, I have to say it was very abnormal and uncomfortable. The neurosurgeon told me that I needed to go for surgery since my perpetuity gland was abnormal and the size of it was bigger than it should be. I had panics, when everyone was sleeping I use to pray thinking that I would not wake up to see the next day. In the morning, I would say OH, THANK GOD. I’m still alive. Basically I went through a lot. To an extend that my family called me names and said I like to pretend as though I’m sick when I’m not. The pain was getting worse to an extend that I have written a letter to my family and gave it to my boyfriend at the time. I asked him to give it to my family in case I die while sleeping since I thought I would never see the next day with the headaches and ear infection I had. Throughout this I ended up living on tablets from the E&NT everyday of my life. The pain from my ear would feel better and when I stop taking tablets it would just go back to normal. The headache was always there. No one new what I was going through at all. To cut the long story short, Then Came An Angel In My Life – Gillian Mckeith.

    A friend of mine from SA has two daughters who live in the UK. One of them bought my friend one of your book called You Are What You Eat. My friend then told me about it. Lent it to me to view. I read the book. Put it away without thinking of anything. After three weeks, I read the book page by page and all what you have written started to sink in a bit.

    After a week I did the same again, reading the book page by page. Eventually my eyes realized what was in the writing and why it was important fro us to take care of ourselves body and lifestyle. At the time I was now married. I started changing my eating habits. My complete shopping list started changing. I have to say because of the pain I have suffered over the years I had to make it easy for me and follow your rules. Which I did very well and I’m proud to say! Then I bought You Are What You Eat book recipe book. My entire diet changed even more. Went hunting for health-shops. I carried your books with me everywhere I went. Friends, family & colleagues laughed at me a lot. Told me I ate like a rabbit. My husband told me I was eating shit! I did not care cause I knew what I was doing. Slowly, slowly, I started feeling the change in my body. My ear, headaches, menstrual and pains, joints pains, tension, stress, short temper, depression, skin, hair, nails, eyes, the list is endless… I felt the difference. My personality changed, energy, warm, friendliness, calmness and I’m glowing from the inside out now!

    Gillian, I never believed in Angels before in my life. This only changed when I chose to have your books as my best friends than any thing that’s around me. You are my angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have changed and saved me from what i thought it was death. I’m proud to call you my best friend! Please share this story with other people. Most importantly is that should you vist south africa one day. I would personally like to meet you and thanks you in person. You have no idead what you have done to me……….it’s absolytely undescribable.

    I know now, that I will age very well and even have a far lees frustrating menopause later when I reach that stage. Tried to tell my friend about your books but none of them are interested because they don’t want to give it a chance. They think I’m talking a crazy language and yet they are going through different pains and strange feelings as they do not know how what they eat affects their bodies and their lifestyle. You should see my groceries in my cupboards and what’s inside my fridge……..it’s your teaching and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gillian, I love you very much! “You are my angel and no one will ever take your space”.



    Dear Gillian,I have loved watching your show and have learned so much!

    I am in Florida, USA and work all night as a dispatcher. Before watching your show, I was junking out on foods like potato chips and candy, as well at takeouts. Now, my middle of the night snacks are fruits and vegetables. I don’t get sluggish and sleepy at work now. I’ve just been doing this a few weeks and can already tell a difference.

    Weight has always been an issue with me and I have a horrible sweet tooth. I haven’t cut it all out completely but I have cut it out drastically. I’ve also quit buying those frozen dinners. I’ve cut down my salt consumption and now they’re too salty for me, anyway.

    Next on my list is one of those little trampolines that I can jump on while watching your show.

    I was just writing you to thank you for everything I’ve learned. I plan on getting your cookbook soon, as well. I’ve already had chickpea patties and they were delicious!

    Your Friend in Florida,


    Dear Gillian,I watch your programme on BBC America. I adore this program. Not only have you inspired the British public (my husband is British), but you are inspiring us here as well. I am 42 years old, and over two stone overweight.

    I have loads of health problems, and I just went on my merry way eating whatever. Since discovering your show, I have changed the way that we eat (even ordered a vegetarian cookbook!), and I have begun to walk more. I have arthritis, so it is a bit touchy for me to start exercising at a fast pace.

    I find that I want to do these things, and I feel so much better. I just wanted to thank you so much for having the courage to do what you do. You are making a difference, and it is globally. Now that I have discovered your website, I hope to purchase some books.

    Now if I can just motivate my husband and get him off his 7 beer a day habit. *SIGH*…one undertaking at a time.

    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart….. I send huge hugs from over the pond.

    Augusta, Georgia

    Dear Gillian,Hi! I’m from Brazil…

    I’m used to seeing your show on the GNT channel (on cable TV) and I really love you!

    I want to know if the book “You are what you eat Cookbook” is available here in my country in portuguese.

    I hope you see this message as I think it’s important that you know you are beloved even here in Brazil!!

    Hope you can help me…

    São Paulo / Brazil

    Dear Gillian,I have been watching “You Are What You Eat” on BBC America. I work in a health food store one day a week.

    I should be in optimal health, but I’m not. So I decided to start the program as best I can. I have ordered the “You Are What You Eat” book and cookbook. They have yet to arrive, but I want to feel better now. On Friday I bought fresh organic produce and the few canned items I felt I would need. Today I am starting. I am 5’8″ and weigh a hefty 225 pounds.

    I have been so disgusted with my eating patterns. I should do better, because I know what it does to my body. It just goes to show that knowledge does not lead one to do what one ought to do.

    I just want you to know that Gillian McKeith has been such an inspiration to me. I have decided to keep and journal of my ups and downs on this new journey into vibrant health.

    God bless you for the work you are doing.

    Cutler, Indiana, USA

    Dear Gillian,Healthy FoodWe thought we would write this e-mail to let you know how inspired we were with your books. My daughter, Alexandra has been a vegetarian since the age of seven; she is now fourteen and constantly nags me to improve my diet! (I thought it was supposed to be the other way around)

    Although we considered ourselves to be reasonably healthy, very little red meat, lots of veg and fruit, the occasional take away; after taking the food IQ tests in your “you are what you eat” book, we realized we weren’t quite as healthy as we gave ourselves credit for!
    Sooooo, we have enclosed pictures of our shopping (it should make you proud as 99% of it is from your recommended abundant food list) but would like your advise, if possible, on how to eat healthily on a budget! This little lot came to over £100.00 We don’t want to give up the fruit and that’s probably one of the most expensive food groups.

    quite often when shopping, a good part of my trolley contains fruit, veg and other healthy foods and I always think to myself “This is a trolley that Gillian would be proud of” The fact that all the naughty items are hidden underneath I conveniently forgot about! However, without exception, this really was a trolley to be proud of!

    We understand if you are too busy to respond, but we just wanted you to know that you have converted another family to healthy living.


    Janet and Alexandra (already healthy daughter, determined to be even healthier)

    Dear Gillian,We want to congratulate you for your work in such a humanitarian vision like health. And for that we respect you a lot.

    We reach you for an information hoping that you know it. We heard in your book about about the herbs vacuum extraction.
    We would like to know more about this process and if there is a place from witch we can buy this device.

    Thank you so much and God help you in pursuing you visions.

    Your friends from Romania – Europe


    Dear Gillian,I just wanted to send a quick email of appreciation. I find “You Are What You Eat” amazingly encouraging, and I only wish you could visit every family!

    As someone looking into a career involving nutrition and exercise, you give inspiration into a field that I’m afraid many have forgotten. Thanking you for the extra nutritional advice.


    Dear Gillian,All the best and may God bless you.

    Lots of love,

    Dear Gillian,I just wanted to say a quick thank you for putting together the 150 recipes I’m currently working through. They’re DELICIOUS!

    I’m hugely overweight (16 + stone ) because I can never be bothered to put a meal together properly, so for a long time meals have tended to be unhealthy sandwiches or ready made food with maybe a bowl of homemade soup – if I’ve remembered to make any in time. I found soup the ideal way of taking in veg every day without the bother of making daily individual portions.

    A hectic lifestyle meant I never had time to make proper/nice food, and when I was hungry, it was an ‘immediate’ need and I couldn’t wait even half an hour to make something. The worst thing is, I LOVE fruit/veg/pulses/grains/fish – but lacking total imagination on the cooking front repeat the same dishes over and over till I’m fed up with them and revert to takeaways.

    I just wanted to say I’m LOVING both the recipes and the simplicity in preparation.

    Best regards and many thanks


    Dear Gillian,I’m from the netherlands and I hope to see you on our television again.

    Keep up the good work.

    Silvia Bouwknegt
    The Netherlands

    Dear Gillian,Your book, You are What you Eat saved my husband.  He suffered over six months with severe abdominal pain until we turned to your book for help.  We made a list of all of the supplements and foods you recommended, took it to whole foods and for four days he ate nothing but those items… Raw saurercraut, flax seed oil, spirulina, triphala, … etc… and he has not had another episode since.  That was seven months ago and we are eternally grateful and on a path of healthy, nutritious eating!

    Thank you!

    I want to thank Gillian Mckeith for her wonderful book “You Are What You Eat”. The book has changed my life…I have been following most of her advice and it has done wonders.I am currently residing in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Due to the climate we are forced to stay indoors especially during the summer in Air conditioned rooms day in and day out. The Winter which lasts for 5 months is the only time we can walk out onto the streets…so we are basically living in artificial conditions through most of the year. This affects our bodies because we easily put on weight and our bones become stiff. Obesity is the major health concern in the U.A.E. This is mostly due to the fact that people over here only eat junk food most of the time.

    Thanks to Gillian Mckeith, I have stopped eating junk food, have become more aware of my body and its needs than before and am constantly monitoring my weight.

    I even participated in the personal health profile section.

    Thank You once again Gillian….I and my body owe you a lot. I found your book at a time when my health and weight were spiraling out of control..mostly due to the climate and my eating habits. Now I look and feel good and go the the gym everyday. I owe all this to you.

    Yours Sincerely,


    I just wanted to say how good I think it is what Gillian is doing. Why people sometimes see her as a monster out to get them it beyond me.I have just discovered Juice fasting and have bought a Champion juicer like Gillian’s and now enjoy living juice of vegetables and fruits Its great and I’ve lost weight.

    Go Gillian. What you do is right and true, I’m sure you would have Gods approval. Think what Adam and Eve must have eaten.

    Bye for now


    … thanks to Gillian. Without her I would have still been overweight and depressed.Her programmes are great so please keep putting them on tv!



    Dear Mrs McKeith,I live in Czech republic and just few week ago your book You are what you eat, the TV show came a year ago.

    Although I didn´t need to push down my weight, because I am at normal level, I started to eat in accordance to your “diet” – I lost five kilos and what is much more important – I feel so much better… Thank you very much to promote this great new life style!

    I would have also one question – because my the best problem is that I am not able to prepare the food to be tasty – please do you think to write or has it been existing a cookery-book?

    With kind regards, Petra

    Dear GillianHi, I’m Emma and i’m 24.I Started going to the gym last year and I started watching Gillian’s programmes to lose some weight.I was a dress size 14 weighing 11st 11lbs.Since Listening to Gillian’s advice I have gone down to a dress size 8-10 and I now weigh 9st 4lbs!

    I have suffered badly with my confidence and losing the weight has really helped.So could you pass on my thanks, if possible, to Gillian. I now have my life back.



    Dear Gillian & team,I`m sending this mail just to say THANK YOU.Since I began to watch your amazing tv program I lost 12KG and my girlfriend lost 13 KG.We doesn`t anything wrong or bad to our healthy just some changes in our diet .I can say that in sometimes we eat meet and some candies but in general we are following the diet of your progran.You pass for us the idea that a better nutrition is much better than 2 minutes of pleasure eating bad things for health. I hope of the deep of my heart never more get fat as I were, cause I know in my skin what a fat guy have to go through in the society.Every week I watch you tv program in Brazil, and I wish to you healthy to continues guiding us..These are my sincere votes.

    I`m really sorry for my bad english in this text.

    Roberto, 24 years old, 87 KG, 1.75 m, my weight were 99 KG

    Dear Gillian & team,I cannot begin to tell you how much i’ve changed since watching your show.

    To be perfectly honest I always swore i’d never watch it as I didn’t like the idea of being really strict and somebody telling people what they can & cannot eat…. but…

    Very recently I decided to give one a watch out of curiosity, and that was
    me hooked.I then bought the book.  Very interesting!

    I suffer from depression and had to go on anti depressants after having my first child Daniel, who’s now 3.5.

    I’ve been having very low spells through this pregnancy (I’m 31 weeks pregnant) where I just couldn’t bring myself to even get out of bed and just cried for hours. The midwife said that its very normal seeing as I had post natal depression.

    I decided to read my book and find the foods that contain seratonin (sorry about spelling). Thought it was worth a try.

    I now each lettuce with every sandwich, 4 celery sticks a day (love them), drink boiled water with a slice of fresh lemon and make sure i have veg with my main meal & fruit in the evening.

    I’m by no means strict as I still very much enjoy my naughty foods! But the difference its made is incredible. My lows are no where near as low and i have so much more energy.  I’m 2 stone lighter at this stage in my pregnancy than i was in my last and feel fantastic!

    I’ve not moaned half as much or felt the need to this time.

    I’ve also gone soup mad!!! I saw Gillian make Pea Soup so thought i’d try it that night. I’m driving everyone mad with my soups !! haha I’ve made, Pea soup, Butternut Squash Soup, Broccolli Soup, Carrot Soup & Mushroom Soup! They’re gorgeous and soooo easy to make!

    So there’s my story! Sorry if I went on for a bit but i’m so pleased I decided to give the programme a chance!

    Just shows, even making small changes can make a huge difference!

    Thank you to all of you!!

    Clare x

    Dear GillianI am writing to express my thanks for a piece of advice I acquired from your book ‘you are what you eat’.

    I am a 28 year old male who has suffered from knee join pain since my early teens and my sporting activities have been restricted as a result.

    After reading the small section on eliminating nightshade foods from your diet if you have joint pain, my life has been improved greatly.  I am shortly going to be competing in my first triathlon – something I could never have considered a year ago.

    As someone who has benefited from your advice so well, I wish you every success in your future projects.

    Yours sincerely, Owen

    Message from: Roberto I`m sending this mail just to say THANK YOU.Since I began to watch your amazing tv program I lost 12KG and my girlfriend lost 13 KG.We doesn’t`t anything wrong or bad to our healthy just some changes in our diet.I can say that in sometimes we eat meet and some candies but in general we are following the diet of your progran.You pass for us the idea that a better nutrition is much better than 2 minutes of pleasure eating bad things for health.I hope of the deep of my heart never more get fat as I were, cause I know in my skin what a fat guy have to go through in the society.Every week I watch you tv program in Brazil, and I wish to you healthy to continues guiding us..These are my sincere votes.I`m really sorry for my bad english in this text.

    I am about to embark on a desperately overdue change of lifestyle and would like to be part of the “SLIM PLAN CLUB” as detailed in the food supplements by the marvelous, mighty, miracle worker McKeith! I weigh 21.4 stone and can  no longer support my own weight due to acute back pain and breathlessness and things are so dire for the past 6 months I have been confined to a wheelchair if on the rare occasion I dare to leave the house.  I suffer with acute oedema and extreme mood swings. I have been studying my “you are what you eat” book, and have just managed to get hold of the shopping guide.  I visited my local shopping mall today for the first time in 15 years!!!.. to search out Gillian’s supplement list, hence my regarding her as a miracle worker, that god sent woman got me up and out!!  I look forward to hearing from you and am confident over the next few months we can learn alot from each other.Thank you and kind regards, June

    I will look forward to receiving the News letter. I love watching the programme, and find it very motivating. Since January my husband has lost 33 pounds, and I have lost 22. I also have a few books from Gillian, and look forward to some more tv shows. Wishing you love and light, Evelyn xxx

    Message from: Ana Hi Gillian, my name is Ana Claudia and I live in São Paulo-Brazil. I watch your tv program almost every day and I wish you were here in Brazil to set a series of programs here. I would love to meet you in person and would love to learn your recipes. I am 30 years old and I am a tired woman. I don’t have much energy and for almost 30 years I’m fighting against my body weight. Congratulations for your success! Think about coming to Brazil. It would be great. If you need a brazilian client for your program, I´ll be honored.

    Message from: Tasmine I am writing to let you know that your book called You are what you eat is a extremely excellent book which has helped  me to sort out my digestive problems ( I had pellet type stool, constipation, wind incl.bloating. I am not completely better, but at least I know how to start to heal my body using wholesome foods. Thanks again for your advice in your book and t.v. programmes.

    Message from: Keith I just wanted to say a big thank you to Gillian – you have changed my life! After reading all your books and watching your programmes I decided to give it a go. Six weeks later I have lost almost two stone and feel fantastic. As an ex-chef and sugar addict I thought I may struggle with finding tasty things to eat but I have made dozens of delicious recipes of my own taking inspiration from the books and have been sprouting everything in sight and juicing twice a day! I am now vegan and am finding that everything tastes so delicious I am eating more than ever! I like to think that now instead of draining my body with processed foods and artificial flavours I am flooding it every day with health giving nutrients and have seen improvements in every aspect of my life. Thanks Gillian!.

    Dear Gillian, I just want to say a big thank you for all the good advice in your t.v. programme. I have been following your ideas for 8 weeks and have lost over 1 1/2 stone, now a healthy 8 1/2 stone at 5ft 2″. Kind regardsKathy

    dear Gillian McKeith I have read ur book ‘you are what you eat’ and i think it is fantastic. You have used a lot imagination and thinking into it. I was just writing to say i have taken ur advice, well not of all it but just what i need. It has changed my life. you know i’m not a grown up i am 13. But firstly i used to eat alot of junk food but when i read this book i stated getting the idea. I usually used to do alot of stress about school but know after eating healthier i feel more cooled out. The final thing i would to say is thank you. Thank you very much for producing this book. You have made a change in my life and i hope it would affect others like this too. please reply me back quickly. i will be waiting with love

    Message from: Hannah I am just writing to say thank you for all the advice you gave at The Vitality Show thursday, i have already lost a stone on your eating plan and i feel fantastic, I’ve swapped chocolate bars for goji bars! and i never thought i would say this but i would definitely have a goji bar if i had the choice of both. Your such a inspiration to everybody and carrying on changing the world for the better.

    Message from: Cynthia I’ve been watching your show in Brighton Ontario Canada and decided to buy the cookbook at Chapters in Belleville.  I have lost 30 pounds! My husband says I am not so miserable now and my moods have changed. He also says me sees me more often in the bedrooom so to speak.  I cant thank you enough for this new lease on life.

    Message from: Saleena My names Saleena , and I’m writing too you because of my best friend Lisa. She wrote too you a few weeks ago i believe and was so very happy that you responded too her emails. She sees you as a true inspiration. Lisa was the one that would always be the healthy one. Playing sport , not touching alcohol and at parties she would be the one that wouldn’t have any alcohol but would always be the one that has the most fun. She always had a smile on her face. When she had the accident and found she had a life long condition none of this changed. Even though she was the one that was unhealthy and had never done anything too jeopardise that she’s the one that ended up in intensive care struggling too breathe. I guess what I’m trying too say is that she really admires you. She’s the most unselfish person I’ve ever met and everyday i continue too admire her. I know she thinks the world of you , and i wanted too thank you so much for doing what you do and helping my friend. I know alot of this has been down too lisa , but i know alot of it has been down too you. Thank you so much , and continue the great work.

    Message from: Tracey This is just to say thanks to Gillian McKeith programme on You Are What You Eat, I have worked out that my body does not tolerate milk and wheat products. I have changed my diet and my thoughts about food, although i wasn’t a very big eater, i now think more about what I’m eating and the benefits to me. I have been going to the gym for the last 2 months 3 times a week and have lost 8cm over my body, although no weight loss as yet. I am hoping if i keep on the way I’m going this will. So thanks again to Gillian, i will keep watching.

    Message from: Diana I started on the 29th January and I visited my niece and old friends at the weekend (3rd March). I have lost 12 pounds, my skin and the look in my face are so obvious when I now look in the mirror, I look so much younger already. I am not joking I am 54 and I feel great, so much energy and workout 4 times week and I haven’t even craved junk food. The downfall is drink. I do love my wine but it seems to be ok and i am losing weight, I do have a problem cooking mung beans – can’t get them soft. People have noticed I look so alive and energetic, i will keep you informed and want to lose another 10 pounds to see my boyfriend in the gambia. He will love it, I also find my concentration at work is now much better.

    Message from: Lisa I’m 17 soon too be 18. When i was 14 i developed a life threatening thrombosis after a netballing injury and ever since have been in and out of hospital fighting rheumatoid arthritis aswell as re occurring clots. After feeling sorry for myself for so long i decided that what i made of my life was up too me. After watching your show i realised my diet was playing a large role in my overall health.. After turning too healthier alternatives i now have a much better appetite ( i used too not eat for weeks on end as i had no appetite )..and enjoy food more. My condition physically has improved and i no longer require intravenous medications for pain control!!! ill still have these conditions for the rest of my life , but i know for a fact that my quality of life is so much better thanks too you. i wish i could hug you and say thank you!!!!!!!!!

    Message from: Damon Just wanted to say how much I love the show and find it SO interesting, it has truly changed my way of eating and the way i look at food…im now vegetarian.and careful and much more choosy about what i eat…its so informative and I love Gillian’s straight forward approach…good on her!!! I don’t watch an awful lot of tv but never miss the show..and was very pleased when this series ended ,a new ‘One year later show’ started….:) great…:)
    …please pass on my gratitude to Gillian…..and thank her for the most important television show in  many years…:)

    Message from: Rubeena I would just like to thank you for your great programme – for 30 years of my life i continued to live to eat – and i thrived on pure junk, choc’s, cakes literally all foods bad for me- and in excess – i was quite stressed and did so for comfort more so – even though i knew it was wrong i just wasn’t able to get out of that circle – it was your programme that really had the impact on me and has inspired me to take charge of my health for my sake – i am now feeling whole lot better and ever so conscious about what i eat, and when i eat..trust me Gillian i cant believe what hell i put my body through.  I just ate ate and ate – i would eat 3 bars of choc a day average, i could eat whole cakes in a day, 2 pots of ben and jerry’s OVERNIGHT, and such ridiculous things …I really thank you so much for giving me that wake up call and making me REALISE that food has such a great impact on our health – i like your scare tactics it really gets a person thinking

    Message from: Cynthia Last year I saw the very first aired episode in Canada of You Are what you Eat on the woman’s network. All of the women were me.  Two days later I was at Chapters Bookstore and purchased the Book.  I am 5’0 and was 210, I went to 180 in 8 weeks.  I felt great.

    Message from: Robbie I wanted to say thank you for putting your knowledge “out there” in the form of your television show “You are what you eat”.  I live in Toronto, Canada and happened upon your show late one night (rerun) after an extremely bad day of binging.  I’m a retired athlete and have no idea how I fell into such a rut.  Long story short, I was meant to see your show and I have changed my life because of it.  I no longer eat “beige” I eat “vibrant colours” and feel so good that it’s actually too hard to put into words really.  My husband is thrilled when I come home with groceries and sees only good things.  I wake up excited about breakfast!  Not because there will be bacon and eggs but because I’m about to have a fruit explosion courtesy of our new juicer!!! I don’t miss anything and the funny thing is I love vegetables – you have no idea how strange that is coming from me…  I’d like to say thank you, not for changing my life because ultimately that is my choice, but rather for providing me with the tools I needed to do so.  I record your show (it used to run everyday but now only runs once a week) and watch it every night as positive reinforcement.  I’ve also made a decision to change my career path. I will begin studies in Hollistic Nutrition in September (this at a time when early retirement is right around the corner!). There are so many people like myself who just need a nudge to set them on the right path. I’ve been promoting your show at work, especially to women who eat a bag of lettuce for their daily nutrition – that’s it – nothing else just lettuce.  Then they wonder why their tired?? I tell them about your 8 week detox and the likes of Quinoa. I’ve recommended your book as well as it is an easy read and extremely informative.  I hope we have the opportunity to see more of your show(s) in the future and if ever you decide to go international keep Toronto in mind!  Oh, and by the way, in 5 weeks I’ve lost a stone without even trying…

    Message from: Katherine Thanks so much for your response ! I am sure you are all busy and there is a refreshing personal touch to everything to do with the Gillian club! Positive change is ringing through our household!I have a child with Aspergers syndrome who has seen Gillian on TV and has agreed to try new foods(big issue for children with this diagnosis). It is great to see people in a business that is seeking to have a positive impact on peoples holistic health .Our nation needs people like you all to help them see the need for change. With much appreciation for all you are doing,

    Message from: Katherine I wanted to write to thank you for my personal health profile.I have started applying the advice I have most of your books but with the help of the detailed profile I have been able to really launch into a new way of life.I should say that I was a wreck at the beginning of all this, I was susceptible to depression, anxiety, poor health, fatigue stress. I just couldn’t lose weight other than by starving myself then it would all pile back on with vengeance. By this December I was 15 stone, unfit and really miserable. I hated myself I couldn’t bear to put lotion on my body because I was so revolted.Well at Christmas I started to apply some of the you are what you eat principles, since then using my personal profile I have started to see huge improvements in everyday stamina, fitness, and Hope levels. I can honestly satyr the anxiety and depression are leaving me and PMS is becoming a thing of the past!The foods you recommend really work and exercise is becoming my new High!My children are starting to alter some of their snacks now after seeing your programme they can see why I don’t want them to eat unhealthy food.I am replacing things with sensible alternatives eg Chips replaced by wedges of unpeeled potatoes or sweet potatoes with lemon juice.Thank you for all you are doing for the health of nation.

    Message from: Karen Please could you pass the following information to GillianFor years when I have visited the dentist I have been told that I have gum disease and no matter what I have done in previous years my gums have declined.Since starting Gillian’s diet in January this year, I have felt my gums were stronger, today when I visited my dentist he said that I no longer have gum disease.  I believe it is down to my new eating regime.Thank you from one member of the public who will defiantly continue with the plan.PS My kids love your chickpea burgers and sweet potato chips!

    Message from: HelenI would like to join the many to say what rubbish this debate regarding the title ‘Dr’ is. In 2000 I was poorly with a mystery virus. The medical profession believe I may have suffered an attack of systemic Lupus. Whatever it was it wasn’t funny and whilst ill in bed I read your book. I can’t claim to follow everything you suggest ( I enjoy red wine too much and it is my only vice!) but we live pretty much in line with the fruit, veg, superfoods, beans, lentils rules you set down. We eat in ‘abundance’ and none of us are overweight, nowadays we are all healthy (touch wood). My kids don’t eat crap they do visit the Health Food Shop for liquorice sticks on Friday’s and they always head for the fruit bowl if snacking. If you change just one child’s bad eating habits and help reduce childhood obesity I’d say it’s worth it. My friends who do not follow your ideals are often less healthy than us. If you studied for that title, I say you keep it – you and blue & green algae and your immune defence capsules, kick started me back to being a ‘healthy’ mum and wife. These days good sensible eating keeps me like that. Keep up your good work, your critics could learn a thing or two from you!PS My kids love your chickpea burgers and sweet potato chips!

    Message from: StevenAfter watching the TV show,You are what you eat Gillian moves in, I thought I would try some of the berries that Gillian sells Goji berries and bites, well what can I say I feel fitter my eyes are brighter my skin is clearer, I eat them as snacks,put them in porridge(soya milk used of course) I just find them fantastic, I would not have heard about them if it had not been for the show, so thank you.

    Message from: AntheaI suffer from M.E. and am a great fan of your product as it has helped me so much. I watch your programmes and enjoy them. Also I eat all raw foods and my ‘pooh’ is perfect!! I would be very pleased if you could possibly stock the large size again or give me an explanation as to why it is unavailable.

    Message from: VanessaMay 2006 – I watch BBC Food in South Africa on DSTV; i came across the show You Are What You Eat; this was a shocker – analysing Poo! I thought this woman must be good; if what comes out is not good then you have a problem. I wore a size 40-42 this program motivated me so much i started eating more fibre and raw veg which i could not even touch My MINDSET changed and i started climbing 4-5 flights of stairs to get to the office. it worked slowly but sure – i felt amazing; by DEC 06 i was at a size 34-36; JAN07 keeping to a good eating plan; i started exercising daily cardio; end jan i enrolled for a 10km run/walk challenge and already more weight has gone; i watched your program again last night and the MOTIVATION, WOW Thank you. You gave me a huge PUSH it really made me think about ME. My skin glows,  my clothes are loose and a big thank you Gillian;)

    Message from: SueI have autoimmune liver disease and for the first time in 10 years I now have a recipe book that will make my already healthy diet interesting, enjoyable and balanced. When I picked it up and started reading it, I thought it must have been written with me in mind. Life has just improved! Thank you very much.

    Message from: MariaI moved to London from the U.S. and was worried how the change in culture and environment on top of the added stress would affect my weight as well as my overall health.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep my slim figure while drinking down all the full-fat lagers!  Fortunately, I discovered your books one day in a bookstore near my work and my roommate and I became quite intrigued.  Your advice really helped us to become motivated about managing our figures in a natural, positive way instead of a stressed-out, eating-is-bad mentality…  In fact, we even bought a blender and juicer to make many of the recipes!  Cheers to you for helping others discover how to improve their health and thank you for educating us about food! :)

    Message from: Maxine

    Just want to say how i am an admirer of Gillian’s health plans. I have gradually changed my eating habits and noticed a definite improvement in all areas  of my health.  I make the energy bars which are a true God send and the soups.  going to try more!. Please keep up the good work. You are saving peoples lives and improving them so much. I’ve had a little relapse this Christmas but i know that i will never go back to  my old eating habits…the benefits are enormous and it is such a joy to see people on your tv programme transform themselves with your help.

    Message from: Erica

    My name is Erica MacKay, I live in Vancouver B.C.   I’m currently taking a course in holistic nutrition from the Canadian School of
    Natural Nutrition which I love and came across your site after seeing a couple of your shows “You Are What You Eat”.  I just wanted to say that I think you are doing great work in educating people  what  holistic nutrition is all about and how people can improve the quality of their lives through rediscovering the joys of whole foods and a healthy lifestyle…..thanks for the great work and I hope to some day follow in your footsteps

    Message from: Jacqueline

    Thanks you for the wonderful tv program at channel 4 in Holland, and the books you are what you eat!! Thank you for the inspiration, finally a way of eating myself healthy with pleasure. Thank you!!!

    Message from: Rangana

    I have all 3 of Gillian’s books and read them daily and thoroughly enjoy them each time. My next step will be to sign on-line. Last year I lost 15 lb following the principles in her book. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This work is critical and so valuable in the world.

    Message from: Samantha

    I’m just writing to say thank you for your work – I’m eighteen years old and for the past two years have been on ridiculous diets that have ended up with me putting on weight rather than losing it! read the full story

    Message from: MichelleI would just like to thank Gillian for her amazing inspiration! After watching the twelve deadly sins I started a healthy eating plan (not a diet!) in January. I am 5ft 1″ tall i weighed 10stone 4lb in July i reached my target weight of 7 stone 10lb, and more importantly I have more energy and confidence in my looks and health. A big thank you! I am trying to convert as many friends as possible but I am sure they must be fed up of me but I believe anyone can succeed in a healthy life style with the right motivation.

    Message from: MaxineJust want to say how i am an admirer of Gillian’s health plans. I have gradually changed my eating habits and noticed a definite improvement in all areas of my health. I make the energy bars which are a true God send and the soups. going to try more!. Please keep up the good work. You are saving peoples lives and improving them so much. I’ve had a little relapse this Christmas but i know that i will never go back to my old eating habits…the benefits are enormous and it is such a joy to see people on your tv programme transform themselves with your help.

    Message from: Sarah

    I travel alot to usa and find i gain weight almost each and every time and I’m sick of eating junk food and buffet style meals over there. When i came home i decided to read your book and start taking better care of myself. I read this book at any given time ” you are what you eat “! Its very true we are what we eat and we have no idea what we are actually doing to our sides… read the full story

    Message from: Tracey

    I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration you gave me at the beginning of this year, after watching many of your shows and seeing the results I was in awe… read the full story

    Message from: BettyI would like to thank you so much for my Personal Health Profile. Thought I was doing most things right until I received it today. I have read it through and have taken many things on board and have saved it as well as being able to read it online on your Site. Many thanks once again, I am an avid supporter.

    Message from: Sandra

    I’m glad to hear that my ideas are useful and thought the newsletter that started last week is spot on. Also, I have to say that the recipes included in the last couple of weeks meal plans are really good.

    Message from: Iris

    I wanted to thank you for the influence you have had on my life. When I decided to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in January this year, I wanted to be one of the ones to get to the top.. this would happen by luck so the first place I looked at was my diet.. read the full story

    Message from: Christina

    First of all I like to thank you so much for writing your wonderful books full of good information and tips about healthy foods. I have all of them and try out your recipe with a friend of mine. We both love it.

    Message from: Pat

    By the way I love the show, It would be great if the TV series were hour long instead of half and hour, we need to learn as much as we can about eating healthy food.

    Message from: Gina

    I hope you are well. I really hope you can help. I admire you so much, and I have all of your books. I became a fan of yours when I won £25 from Now Magazine after you chose my question about whether you would date a food junkie. So thank you so much for that. I bought all your books. I used to have a problem with my bladder and I began drinking Blackberry and Nettle tea which has made such an incredible difference. I don’t get pains in my stomach and I am not running to the loo every five minutes. Everything you have ever written in your book and I have followed has worked and I have bought your books for family and friends because I think you are brilliant.

    Message from: Danielle

    I’m very happy with my cookbook! It’s really fantastic, I didn’t know there were/are so many products in this world that are really fantastic!

    Message from: Alan Josie, my wife is recovering from breast cancer, she had the lump removed Novemebr last year, together with her lymph glands. this treatment was followed by 7 months of chemo and 5 weeks of radiation. She has completed all her hospital treatment its 5 weeks since completing radation and 14 weeks since her last chemo session.For the past 5 weeks each day she has felt less and less well, loss of energy, taste not fully returned, backaches.We had purchased “You are what you eat” book  a couple of years ago, and upon cheking Josies tongue – it appeard she had a vit. B difficency. So off to the local Holland & Barret store and purchased as recommended Vit B supplements together with an Aloe Vera drink.The change in Josie within 2 hours was remarkable, she felt more energetic, back ache reduced (not 100% gone but certainly loads better) she has returned to her part time work this week after 11 months off!So thanks Gillian!I hope you can share this story with others.I am not a doctor, but chemo and radiation must strip so much out of the body, and that body struggles to replace its levels to what they were before all the treatment started. Maybe just a helping boost in an area or two puts the client back on course quicker.

    Message from: Anna

    This is terrific.  Thank you.  Gillian was very inspiring at the recent ‘They Are What They Eat’ Conference and, as a reault, my life is changing.

    Message from: Margaret

    Gillian introduced me to pumpkin seeds which I now eat on a regular basis. A small but positive change. Also have just started to take the immune capsules so thats another small life change.

    Message from: Lesley

    Following Gillian McKeiths lifestyle plan has helped me to gain control of my life probably for the first time. Apart from the obvious weight loss causing a massive increase in self esteem, I feel full of energy, happier, sexier and generally glad to be truly alive!

    Message from: Catherine
    I appreciate your feedback and keep up with doing those great television programmes.  My husband and I love you!ps I am a big fan of your television series and have recommended the book to many people in my workplace and friends.  I have already coverted my ‘die hard junk food’ brother and my health consious sister about your book and they come back raving about it to me!

    Message from: Tracy

    I have quickly read through my personal profile which looks brilliant I am looking forward to starting on it.

    Message from: Camilla

    Many thanks.  Extremely kind of you.  Congratulations on your site – a great innovation and really useful for us therapists and the general public.

    Message from: TiffanyGillian changed my life because before I was slightly over my ideal weight and thought my eating habits were okay. Now after following her advice I am 2 stone slimmer, feel so much livelier and full of energy. I couldnt be happier. I will never look back. Superfoods rule!

    Message from: Teresa

    Gillian has opened my eyes to how exciting and fulfilling heathly eating can be. I am vegetarian and have always eaten lots of fruit and vegetables but it was fanatastic to explore the huge variety of grains, pulses and alternative fresh ingredients and to learn about their benefits.

    Message from: HelenSince reading the first book I have for the first time in my life actually thought about what is going into my body.The difference to my appearance and most importantly to my personality is amazing. I am confident because I know I look better than ever and I am HAPPY and full of energy.I love the food I am eating and now the active lifestyle I lead.Thank you for making me see the light.